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Converting Fractions, Decimals, Percent Worksheets

The worksheets in this page include practice skills in converting between fraction, decimal and percent. This page is broadly classified into four major sections, with three sections about converting into different forms and one section is based on multiple choice questions.

Fraction to Decimal and Percent

Fraction to Decimal: Basic

The denominators of fractions are multiples of 10s.

Fraction to decimal: Basic

Easy 1 | Easy 2

Fraction to Decimal: Standard

Divide numerator with denominator to convert each fraction into decimal. Answers are terminating decimals.

Fraction to decimal: Standard

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Easy 3

Fraction to Percent

Convert each fraction into percent. To convert into percent, multiply the numerator of the fraction with 100, and divide the product with denominator.

Fraction to Percent

Easy 1 | Easy 2

Mixed Review

Each worksheet include two sections, first section about converting fraction into decimal and the next about converting into percent.

Fraction to decimal or Percent

Combined 1 | Combined 2

Decimal to Fraction and Percent

Decimal to Fraction

Write each decimal to fraction in simplest form.

Decimal to fraction

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Easy 3

Medium 1 | Medium 2

Decimal to Percent

Basic practice skills in converting decimal to percent.

Decimal to percent

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Easy 3

Mixed Review

Mixed review includes converting decimals into both fractions and percent.

Decimal to fraction or percent

Combined 1 | Combined 2

Percent to Fraction and Decimal

Percent to Fraction

Basic practice skills in converting percent into fraction.

Percent to fraction

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Easy 3

Percent to Decimal

Basic practice skills in converting percent into decimal.

Percent to decimal

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Easy 3

Multiple Choice Questions

You have four options to choose. Choose the correct choice that is equivalent to either fraction or decimal or percent.

Multiple choice questions: Conversion

Fraction to Decimal or Percent:

MCQ 1 | MCQ 2 | MCQ 3

Decimal to Fraction or Percent:

MCQ 1 | MCQ 2 | MCQ 3

Percent to Fraction or Decimal:

MCQ 1 | MCQ 2 | MCQ 3

Mixed Review: All 3 forms

MCQ 1 | MCQ 2 | MCQ 3

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