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Numbers Worksheets

Counting is the basic skill for math. It’s the place to start the math journey. Hence this page is specially created for pre-school and kindergarten kids.

Free numbers worksheets in this page include colorful pictures to count, count and match and many more interesting interactivities. Also contains basic colored numbers charts to print and use. Filled in charts, partially filled charts and blank charts are given.

Teachers can take print out of colorful number charts and stick it in their class rooms. Parents, home schoolers and kids can paste the number charts in study room for recitation.

Counting Picture Activities:

Special number worksheets for pre-school and kindergarten kids to learn numbers with lots of colors and fun.

Number Charts:

Colorful number charts for kids to learn numbers from 1 to 100. Read aloud, repeat over and over, and tell by yourself.

Missing Number Charts:

Are you done with number charts? Practice your number skills using these missing number charts worksheets.

Blank Charts:

Teachers, parents and home schoolers may give this blank charts for kids as test practice to write the numbers from 1 to 100.

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