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Two Step Equations Worksheets

As it sounds, solving two-step equations involves two steps to find the unknown value. The first step is to do the inverse operation for addition or subtraction. The next step is to do the inverse operation for multiplication or division. It is important to know the method of solving one-step equations to understand the two-step equations.

This page offers you free printable two-step equations worksheets based on integers, fractions, decimals and combination of all.

Two-Step Equations with Integers:

Start your practice by solving these two-step equations based on integers.

Two-Step Equations with Fractions:

Important to know basic fraction operations to solve these two-step equations

Two-Step Equations with Decimals:

Simplify the equations step by step solve for the unknowns by doing inverse operations.

Two-Step Equations Revision Worksheets:

Take these two-step equations worksheets with the combination of integers, fractions and decimals.

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