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Greatest Common Factor Worksheets

Greatest common factor (GCF) of two numbers is a greatest number that divides both the given numbers. Factorization is mostly based on greatest common factor and is widely used in many applications including computer science.

The greatest common factor worksheets in this page are applicable for grade 4 and up students. Students can make use of these worksheets to reinforce the concept of greatest common factor and can follow up the school work by practicing these free printable worksheets. Answer keys were provided for each worksheet. So kids can check their work with the given answer keys.

Greatest Common Factor (GCF) is called by so many ways such as Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) and Highest Common Factor (HCF).

Greatest common factor worksheets contain finding common factors by listing out the factors and finding GCF using factor tree method for numbers, algebraic expressions and polynomials.

GCF Worksheets for Whole Numbers

Free greatest common factor worksheets include, listing the common factors, finding the greatest common factors by listing the multiples of numbers and finding GCF using factor tree method for 2 or 3 numbers with different digits combination.

List Common Factors:

Find all the factors of given numbers and circle the common factors. Basic GCF worksheets to understand greatest common factor easily.

List Common Factors and Find GCF:

List the common factors of numbers and find the greatest number among them. Different digit combinations given for better practice.

Factor Tree Method-GCF of 2 Numbers:

Factor tree worksheets to find the greatest common factor of any 2 numbers with basic, medium and hard levels.

Factor Tree Method-G.C.F of 3 Numbers:

Free GCF worksheets for 3 numbers using factor tree method with different digits combination to develop the skills in GCF.

GCF Worksheets in Algebra

Find the greatest common factors for the set of algebraic expressions in polynomials. Best practicing worksheets for Algebra learners to understand the greatest common factor in Algebra. Free printable worksheets are suitable for kids from grade 6 and up.

GCF of Monomials:

Greatest common factor worksheets for polynomials with single term called monomials are included with various difficulty levels.

GCF of Algebraic Expressions:

GCF worksheets for polynomials with more than one term is included here.You may need a knowledge of algebraic identities to solve these worksheets.

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