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Least Common Multiple Worksheets

Least common multiple of any numbers is divisible by all numbers taken to find lcm and the number should be least among the common mulitples.

Free least common multiple worksheets include various method of finding LCM such as listing common multiples, prime factorization, factor tree method and synthetic division. LCM worksheets for polynomials also included for Algebra students.

LCM Worksheets for Whole Numbers

Least common multiple worksheets for whole numbers include finding the common multiples for given set of numbers, identifying LCM from the list of common mutiples and factor tree method to find LCM for 2 or 3 numbers. LCM is a basic knowledge every kids to learn which helps in working with fractions.

List the First Three Common Multiples:

Finding common multiples are basic worksheets for kids before starting with LCM. It is better work with all common multiples worksheets before start working with LCM worksheets.

List the Multiples and Find L.C.M:

These worksheets contain two level of understanding LCM. First level to find the list of common multiples and second level to choose the least common multiple from this list.

Factor Tree Method-LCM of 2 Numbers:

Use factor tree method to list all prime factors and then find the LCM. Worksheets contain LCM for 2 numbers using factor tree method.

Factor Tree Method-L.C.M of 3 Numbers:

Printable LCM worksheets for 3 numbers with various digit combinations. These worksheets are suitable for grade 5 and up.

LCM Worksheets in Algebra

Least common multiple worksheets in algebra contain finding LCM for polynomials such as monomial, binomial, trinomial and more. Knowledge of algebraic identities may be required in few problems. Very helpful worksheets for algebra beginners.

LCM of Monomials:

Find the LCM of monomial with different variable combinations. These LCM worksheets are basic for Algebra learners.

L.C.M of Polynomials:

Explore your knowledge of LCM in polynomials with more than one term. Worksheets contain various difficulty levels such as easy, medium and hard.

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