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Membership Information - Individual Account

Each membership subscription costs $19.95 (US dollars) only. A membership lasts for 365 days (a year) from the date of subscription. Subscribed users can access an ad-free site which puts you at an ease.

For $19.95 a year, that is just about $1.66 a month (US dollars) you will get a completely child-safe site with no advertisements, pop-up ads, audios, videos and external links. Hence there is no distraction or deviation from the focus on learning.

If you are really not contended with our worksheets and wish to cancel the subscription at any point of time within 7 days of placing the order, we consider for the refund.

For more information, refer Refund Policy.

Benefits of ad-free subscription:

• Removes ads from every page when you are logged in to your account.

• Removes ads from the mobile site (when logged into mobile).

• Teachers and parents can view the website with their children without any pesky ads which results in no distractions.