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Students of Grade 2 and above can strengthen their subtraction skills at both regrouping and no regrouping with 2-digit and single-digit numbers with this ensemble of vertical and horizontal formatted drill worksheets. Set the timer and let the students solve these minute drills on time! You will also find a number of ready-to-use free printable worksheets at your disposal.

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1 or 2 minutes drill: 15 problems per worksheet

This set of column and horizontal worksheets with 15 problems per page helps reinforce a young learner's skill in subtracting a single-digit number from a 2-digit number.

3 or 4 minutes drill: 25 problems per worksheet

Get ample practice in 2-digit minus single-digit subtraction with these drills that feature 25 problems per page presented in two different formats. 'Grab em All' at the click of a button!

6 to 8 minutes drill: 50 problems per worksheet

Find the difference between the 2-digit and single-digit numbers with these columnar and horizontal formatted drill worksheets that contain 50 subtraction problems per page.

10 minutes drill: 75 problems per worksheet

These 2-digit minus single-digit drill worksheets that feature 75 problems per page are sure to make your child a wizard at subtraction! Use the timer and let the children sail through this series of worksheets.

12 to 14 minutes drill: 100 problems per worksheet

Help students move up one more level to prove their prowess in subtraction with this assembly of worksheets that contain 100 problems per page.

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