6th Grade Math Worksheets

Count on our printable 6th grade math worksheets with answer keys for a thorough practice. With strands drawn from vital math topics like ratio, multiplication, division, fractions, common factors and multiples, rational numbers, algebraic expressions, integers, one-step equations, ordered pairs in the four quadrants, and geometry skills like determining area, surface area, and volume, organizing numerical data as dot plots, histograms and box plots, finding mean, median, and quartiles of datasets, these pdfs become your often go-to place. Grab your ticket to a great start with our free math worksheets for grade 6 students!

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Two Addends | Draw Hops on Number Lines

With the help of a number line, learners learn to add decimals up to thousandths. Draw hops and complete the addition sentences.

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Listing Out the Factors

Divide the 3-digit number by natural numbers, until you obtain a quotient less than the divisor, and find all the factors.

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Comparing Temperatures | Thermometer

Demonstrate your understanding of integers by measuring and comparing each pair of thermometers and choosing the best option.

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Applications of One-Step Equations in Geometry

Identify the congruent parts of the figure, equate the respective lengths rendered in numbers or expressions, and solve.

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Quadrants and Axes: With Grid

List the ordered pairs of the points that belong to the four quadrants and lie on the x and y axes.

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