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Linear Equations Worksheets

*A function is said to be linear if it is in the form of y = ax + b. Linearity of equations can be checked by bringing it to this form. An equation is said to be non-linear if it is not in the general form.

*A point is said to lie on a straight line, if it satisfies the equation.

*Complete the function tables using the linear relationship provided.

*Identify the point of intersection of straight lines by solving them.

Linear equation worksheets based on the above information are provided here.

Identify Linear and Non-linear Equations:

"y=mx+b" is the general form of the linear equation. Use this to check whether the given equations are linear or non-linear.

Ordered Pairs and Equations:

Use the given coordinate point to check the equation and state yes/no. Also use the point to find the missing value.

Function Tables:

Various function tables are provided with an equation, x-coordinate and y-coordinate. Find the missing coordinates or expression.

Point of Intersection:

Using the given pair of expression, find the point of intersection by elimination method, substitution method or graphing method.

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