Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Catch them early, catch them young. The time is just ripe to captivate kindergarten kids with our printable math worksheets comprising colorful themed exercises that help lay a strong foundation in basic math concepts. There will be no dearth of practice in recognizing, reading and writing numbers, counting and cardinality, place value, addition, subtraction, analyzing patterns, recognizing shapes, connecting dots, comparing sizes, with these worksheets at your disposal. The answer keys are a definite time-saver. Try our free kindergarten math worksheets for a starter and come back for more!

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Filling in the Missing Color

Analyze the colorful freight cars, identify the pattern and the missing color in the middle of the series, and fill in the appropriate colors.

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Tracing a Horse

Do you know to draw a horse? Trace its legs, tail, and the other parts and train yourself!

Connecting the Dots | Letters of the Alphabets

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Join the uppercase letters from A to Z and watch your little ones drool.

Reading and Coloring | Up to 5

Direct kids to read the number and color the correct number of objects in each row.

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Making 10 on Ten-Frames

Draw similar shapes on the frame to make 10, and count the shapes drawn to fill in the missing addend.

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0 to 5 Column Subtraction with Word Problems

Take away the number on the 2nd row from that on the previous row, write the difference below. Solve a few word problems too!

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Read Number Words | Count and Color - 1 to 5

Learn the number names from 1 to 5 by reading the number names aloud. Color the specific number of objects to practice number recognition.

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Bigger vs. Smaller | Comparing and Coloring Shapes

Compare the sizes of each pair of similar shapes and color them according to the directions.

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Identifying Shape Names and Coloring 2D Shapes

Read the name of each shape, bring its structure to your mind, select it from the options, and color it.

Completing the Color Pattern

Some beads in Susan's chains have lost their color. Study the repeating color pattern in each chain and color the beads judiciously.

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Coloring a Rooster

Recognize the unique features of a rooster: its comb, beak, and hackles alongside coloring it.

Connecting the Dots from 1 through 40 | Rabbit

Strengthen eye-hand coordination by moving the pencil from dot-to-dot, sequencing numbers, counting by 1s to reveal the hidden rabbit.