Printable Subtraction Puzzles

These activity-based worksheets have been designed specifically to help learners of Grades 1, 2, and 3 to grasp the basics of subtraction. Worksheets include attractive cut-and-glue picture puzzles to enhance fine motor skills of children as well. Use the cross-number puzzles for fun-filled assignments! Employ the various download options to access this entire array of spectacular printable resources.

Picture puzzles: 1-digit

Cut-and-glue picture puzzles: single-digit subtraction

Children are sure to be glued to their desks with this series of worksheets! Subtract the single-digit numbers. Match the answers with the puzzle cards. Cut and glue them to reveal the mystery pictures.

Picture puzzles: 2-digit

Cut-and-glue picture puzzles: 2-digit subtraction

Teach two-digit subtraction with this fun-packed activity sheets. Find the differences between the two numbers. Pair the answers with the puzzle cards and fix them one by one to unravel the pictures.

Picture puzzles: 3-digit

Cut-and-glue picture puzzles: 3-digit subtraction

Get kids to hone their skills at 3-digit subtraction with these popular toons-based worksheets! Use safety scissors to cut out the puzzle cards and glue them to unveil the funny pictures.

Cross Number Puzzles: 2&1-digit

Cross-number puzzles: 2-digit subtraction

Clues are provided in the form of 2-digit subtraction. Subtract, find the differences and complete the puzzles. Watch students clamor in the classroom to complete this set of puzzles!

Cross Number Puzzles: 3&2-digit

Cross-number puzzles: 3-digit subtraction

Keep little curious minds busy with this series of puzzles that involve 3-digit subtraction. Clues in the form of 3-digit minus 2-digit subtraction are also provided. This makes for a perfect homework assignment.

Cross Number Puzzles: 4&3-digit

Cross-number puzzles: 4-digit subtraction

Cross-number puzzles are featured here on 10x10 grids. Solve the clues given in the form of 4-digit subtraction. 3-digit subtrahends are also provided in this batch of interactive worksheets.

Cross Number Puzzles: Mixed

Cross-number puzzles: Mixed subtraction

Download this group of print-ready cross-number puzzles that comprise a mix of 1- up to 4-digit numbers. These worksheets form an ideal tool to gauge a child's grasp on subtraction.

The whole batch of subtraction puzzles worksheets can be downloaded instantly.