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1st Grade Math Worksheets

1st grade math worksheets in this page are organized based on standard curriculum. Click on the quick links and explore the activities based on the given topics. Answer keys are provided at the end of each worksheet. Some important charts are also provided to help kids to paste it in their home or school.

Number chart 1-50
Arrange the numbers in increasing order
Count and add the pictures
Color quarter part of the shapes
Match the coins and its values

Numbers Charts

Variety of charts provided here to read and write the numbers. Make use of the numbers charts of various levels. Missing number charts and blank charts can be used to check the number skills of kids.

Counting Numbers Worksheets

Interactive worksheets on counting numbers are given below. Kids love to learn counting with fun! Hey kids! Enjoy your day by doing these picture counting activities.

Place Value Worksheets

Its important to know the position value of any number. For grade 1 kids, its necessary to know the place values of ones and tens. Test your skills by working these sheets. Check your answer with the given answer keys.

Number Names Worksheets

As the kids well versed with counting numbers and identifying its place value, then its time to work on writing number names of the given numerals and writing numerals for the given number names.

Number and Picture Patterns

Follow the picture and number sequence and fill in the missing parts. Check your skill of writing the missing numbers before and after a given number and between two given numbers.

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Arrange the given set of numbers in ascending and descending order.

Addition Worksheets

Begin the addition practice for your kids using pictures. Addition using pictures helps the kids to understand the concept easily instead of addition using numbers. Once they get thorough with picture addition, they can proceed with adding numbers. Addition charts are also provided to develop the speed in adding.

Subtraction Worksheets

1st grade math worksheets based on subtraction include pictures, horizontal, vertical subtraction and word problems are provided in this section.

Multiplication and Division Worksheets

Basic multiplication and division worksheets are given in this section.

Fractions Worksheets

This is the best place to start fractions for the kids. Coloring activities on fractions helps them to understand the concept easily.

Shapes Worksheets

Grade one math worksheets based on shapes provide the basic knowledge of identifying and drawing 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. Print and use the worksheets to get mastery in shapes.

Money Worksheets

Coin charts are provided to identify the coins and its values. Also check out the match the coins worksheet. These worksheets help the kids to know the real life money values.

Time Worksheets

Free printable 1st grade math worksheets based on time is provided here.

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