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Venn Diagram Worksheets

Free printable Venn diagram worksheets include shading the figure, identifying union or intersection, identifying the unique items, Venn diagram word problems and more.

Venn diagram problems are provided using both 2 and 3 circles. Middle school kids can start with 2 circles where as high school students can practice with Venn diagram worksheets based on 3 circles.

Shade the Venn Diagram-2 Circles:

Venn diagram worksheets based on shading the region of union, intersection, difference, compliment sets and more in 2 circles.

Shade the Venn Diagram-3 Circles:

Shading Venn diagram region with 3 circles is little complicated in few cases. Find mind blowing worksheets with different level of difficulties.

Name the shaded Region:

Write the shade region in set language. Understanding this way may really help to graphically organize the data using Venn diagram.

Fill Up-2 Circles Without Universal set:

Set of numbers are provides in circles. Identify the given sets using venn diagram. These worksheets come without universal set.

Fill Up-2 Circles With Universal Set:

Find the sets from the venn diagram with universal set..

Fill Up-3 Circles Without Universal Set:

Venn diagram problems to identify the sets from 3 circles.

Fill Up-3 Circles With Universal Set:

Fill the blanks from the given Venn diagrams. These worksheets are made for high school students.

Place the Number in Venn Diagram

Venn diagram graphical organizer for given sets of numbers. Place the numbers in Venn diagram.

Venn Diagram Word Problems on 2 Circles

Middle graders can work on these worksheets. Simple word problems to test your level of understanding in Venn diagrams.

Venn Diagram Word Problems on 3 Circles

High school children can try these easy Venn diagram word problems based on 3 circles to get a better practice.

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