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In-Out Boxes Worksheets

In and out worksheets help kids to learn the basics of function. It also helps in understanding patterns. These printable in-out boxes worksheets cover the basic skills in adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing the whole numbers, integers and decimals.

In and Out - Whole Numbers

You have two columns 'IN' and 'OUT'. 'IN' column is completely filled with entries but 'OUT' column is totally blank. There is a rule for every table. Fill in the 'OUT' column by following the rule.

Note: In-Out Worksheets that named 'hard' contain 3 missing entries in 'IN' column and 2 missing entries in 'OUT' column.

In and Out Boxes: Addition

Addition Rule - Easy 1

Addition Rule - Easy 2

Addition Rule - Moderate

Addition Rule - Hard

In and Out Boxes: Subtraction

Subtraction Rule - Easy

Subtraction Rule - Moderate

Subtraction Rule - Hard

In and Out Boxes: Multiplication

Multiplication Rule - Easy

Multiplication Rule - Moderate

Multiplication Rule - Hard

In and Out Boxes: Division

Division Rule - Easy

Division Rule - Moderate

Division Rule - Hard

Addition and Subtraction

Add or Subtract - Easy

Add or Subtract - Moderate

Add or Subtract - Hard

Multiplication and Division

Multiply or Divide - Easy

Multiply or Divide - Moderate

Multiply or Divide - Hard

Mixed Review: Include All the Four Operations

In-Out Worksheet - Easy

In-Out Worksheet - Moderate

In-Out Worksheet - Hard

Write the Rule

You have most of the boxes filled with numbers by following a certain rule. Identify what rule is applied and use the rule to find the missing elements. These in-out worksheets help you understand how pattern or function works.

Addition or Subtraction

Write the Rule - 1

Write the Rule - 2

Multiplication or Division

Identify the Rule - 3

Identify the Rule - 4

All the Four Operations

In-Out Table - 5

In-Out Table - 6

In and Out - Integers

Best practice in-out boxes worksheets to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers.

Add or Subtract the Integers

In-Out Integers - 1

In-Out Integers - 2

Multiply or Divide the Integers

In-Out Integers - 3

In-Out Integers - 4

All the Four Operations

In-Out Boxes Worksheet: Integers 1

In-Out Boxes Worksheet: Integers 2

In and Out - Decimals

In and out tables come with the decimal elements to help kids above 5th grade to develop the skills in all the four basic math operators on decimals.

Adding or Subtracting Decimals

In - Out Decimals - 1

In - Out Decimals - 2

Multiplying or Dividing Decimals

In - Out Decimals - 3

In - Out Decimals - 4

All the Four Operations

In and Out Worksheet - 5

In and Out Worksheet - 6