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Sixth Grade Math Worksheets

Sixth grade math worksheets include pre algebra topics like fractions, decimals, absolute value, GCF, LCM, ratio, percent, exponents, radicals, scientific notation, logarithm, order of operations; algebra worksheets like adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing polynomials; geometry worksheets like angles, triangles, area, perimeter, volume, surface area, measurement worksheets, statistics and probability, and more.

Decimals worksheets
Ratio worksheets
Algebra worksheets
Supplementary angles
Mean, median, mode and range worksheets

Absolute Value Worksheets

Absolute value worksheets based on basic math operations.

Estimating Fractions Worksheets

Estimate the fraction to the nearest whole number. In case of mixed fraction, estimate proper fraction and then add to whole number.

Ordering Fractions Worksheets

Arrange and order the fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Multiplication and Division of Fractions Worksheets

Practice basic worksheets on multiplication and division of fractions.

Comparing and Ordering Decimals Worksheets

Carefully arrange and order while working with negative decimals.

Multiplication and Division of Decimals Worksheets

Division of decimal is really hard for any kids. Convert decimals into fraction and then divide.

Factoring Worksheets

Grade six math worksheets based on prime factorization, factor tree method and listing multiples.

Greatest Common Factor Worksheets

Find the GCF for numbers from 1 to 50.

Least Common Multiple Worksheets

Find the LCM for numbers from 1 to 50.

Ratio Worksheets

Ratio worksheets include reducing ratio, comparing ratio, framing ratio from phrase, proportions, word problems and more.

Percent Worksheets

Practice worksheets on finding % of practical units, comparing % with decimals and finding the difference and different methods of calculating percent.

Exponent Worksheets

This section contains worksheets on finding missing terms of exponents and laws of exponents.

Radical Worksheets

Square root and cube root chars are provided for your reference. Solve the worksheets on finding square roots and cube roots of numbers.

Scientific Notations Worksheets

Write the whole numbers and decimals in scientific form. Also write the scientific form in terms of whole numbers and decimals.

Logarithms Worksheets

Write logarithmic form in exponent form and vice versa. Solve for the missing numbers.

Order of Operations Worksheets

Use PEMDAS or BODMAS to solve these worksheets.

Algebra Worksheets

Grade 6 algebra worksheets comprises of translating the statements into expressions, finding the value of expressions, adding and subtracting variables, solving and graphing equalities and inequalities.

Angles Worksheets

Find the missing angles of the triangles, complementary, supplementary, vertical angles and more.

Triangles Worksheets

Name the triangles based on the sides and angles.

Area Worksheets

This topic contains worksheets on finding area and missing sides, lengths or widths of 2-dimension shapes.

Perimeter Worksheets

Perimeter worksheets comprises of worksheets on finding the perimeter and missing sides of 2-dimensional shapes

Volume Worksheets

Try these worksheets on finding the volume of cube and rectangular prism.

Surface Area Worksheets

Simple worksheets on surface area of cube and rectangular prism provided here.

Money Worksheets

Conversion worksheets are provided for the sixth graders. Level wise worksheets helps for your step by step practice.

Measurement Worksheets

Practice worksheets on addition and subtraction of money worksheets.

Venn Diagram Worksheets

Shade the given region and name the shaded region of the Venn diagrams. Answer the questions based on 2 and 3 circles.

Probability Worksheets

Variety of probability worksheets are provide here for the sixth graders. Make use of these free pintables.

Statistics Worksheets

6th grade math worksheets based on statistics includes mean, median, mode and range worksheets are provided for you.

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