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Angle Worksheets

Angle worksheets cover almost all aspects of angle topics in geometry. It contains identifying vertex and sides, exterior and interior angles, Identifying and naming the types, measuring angle with protractor, complementary and supplementary angles, angles formed between intersecting lines, simple algebra problems based on angles, angles formed by parallel and transversal lines and more.

Basic Angle Worksheets

Identify the Vertex and Sides

When two rays have a common end point, an angle is formed. The end point is called the vertex and the rays that form an angle are called sides. Use these free printable worksheets to identify the vertex and the sides of the angles.

Find the Vertex and Sides 1

Find the Vertex and Sides 2

Interior, Exterior or On the Angle

A point is plotted for each angle formed by two rays. Loot at the position of a point and tell whether it is interior, exterior or on the angle.

Position of a Point

Name the Angles

Name the angle in all possible ways. Different methods are: vertex alone; vertex and sides; angle alone.

Naming Angles 1

Naming Angles 2

Measuring Angles

Protractor Worksheets

Place the center position and straight edge of a protractor over a vertex and the base in each figure and measure the angle.

Measuring Angle 1

Angles with the vertex and sides not mentioned.

Measuring Angle 2

Angles with the vertex and sides mentioned.

Identifying Types of Angles

Use the angle measure to identify whether the angles are acute, obtuse, right, reflex, zero or complete rotation.

Acute, Obtuse or Right

Types of Angles 1

Types of Angles 2

Draw the Angles

Complementary and Supplementary Angles

Complementary Angle

Two angles are said to be complement, if their sum equals 90 degree. Use the definition of complementary angle to solve the worksheets that follow.

Basic Complementary Angle Practice

Simple worksheet with list of angles. Calculate complement for each angle provided.

Complement in Right Angle

Right angle is divided into two with the measure of one angle. Identify the measure of missing angle.

Match the Correct Pair

Map the angles that are complement to each other.

Supplementary Angle

If the sum of two angles equal 180 degree, they are called supplementary angles.

Basic Supplementary Angle Practice

Simple problems in finding supplement of each angle.

Supplement in Straight Line

Straight angle is divided into two with the measure of one angle. Find the measure of missing angle.

Match the Correct Pair

Map the supplementary angles in correct order.

Combo Worksheets

Mixed review includes both complementary and supplementary angles

Mixed Review 1

Mixed Review 2

Identify Angles

Angles Formed by Intersecting Lines

Linear Pair

When a ray stands on a straight line, it forms a linear pair. Linear pair is supplement to each other.

Linear Pair Worksheet 1

Linear Pair Worksheet 2

Vertical Angles

If any two lines intersect, at a point of intersection, it forms four angles. The angles that are vertically opposite usually called as vertical angles and they are congruent.

Vertical Angles 1

Vertical Angles 2

Linear Pair and Vertical Angles- Combo

Each figure includes only one angle. Find the rest of 3 angles include both linear pair and vertical angles.

Angle Pair Worksheet 1

Angle Pair Worksheet 2

Angle Pair Worksheet 3

Angle Pair Worksheet 4

Angles in a Straight Line

An angle in a straight line is 180o. If one or more ray stands on a line, it forms many angles at the meeting point whose sum measures 180o.

Straight Angle 1

Straight Angle 2

Angles Around a Point

Sum of the angles around a point is 360o. Find the missing angles around a point in each figure that follows in a worksheet.

Angles Around a Point Worksheet

Angles in Algebra

Linear Pair Equation

Set up the sum of linear pair equal to 180o and solve for the variable.

Equation in Linear Pair - Easy

Equation in Linear Pair - Moderate

Equation in Vertical Angle

Because the vertical angles have same degree measure, they are congruent. Set up the algebraic expression equal to the angle and solve for x.

Equation in Vertical Angle

Algebraic Equation in a Straight Line

Set up the sum of the angles equal to 180 degree and find the value of the variable.

Equation in Straight Angle

Parallel lines and Transversal Worksheets

When a transversal intersects two parallel lines, it forms corresponding angles, linear pair, alternate angles, vertical angles and consecutive angles. The next coming angle worksheets help you practice in identifying different type of angles formed by parallel lines and its transversal.

Corresponding Angles

Look at the corresponding position of angles formed by a transversal and find the missing angle.

Corresponding Angles Worksheet 1

Corresponding Angles Worksheet 2

Alternate Angles

The angles that are formed on opposite sides of the transversal called as alternate angles. Based on position, it is further classified as alternate interior and alternate exterior.

Alternate Angles Worksheet 1

Alternate Angles Worksheet 2

Consecutive Interior Angles

Consecutive interior angles are on the same side of the transversal but between the parallel lines. They are supplement to each other.

Co- Interior Angles 1

Co- Interior Angles 2

Consecutive Exterior Angles

Same as consecutive interior but lies outside two lines.

Consecutive Exterior 1

Consecutive Exterior 2

Mixed Review

Identify all possible angles formed by parallel lines and its transversal.

Parallel Lines and Transversal 1

Parallel Lines and Transversal 2

Identifying the Types