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Calendar Worksheets

This page contains printable calendars in different formats and themes; blank calendar; birthday remainders and charts; coloring calendar; weeks, months and seasons charts; calendar quiz; and simple calendar worksheets.

Printable Calendars - 2015

Animal Theme Calendar

Each month in a page comes with beautiful animal theme.

Calendar 2015 - Animal Theme

Draw Your Own Theme

Big space provided above each month to draw your own theme.

Calendar 2015 - Your Own Theme

Single Page Calendar

This calendar contains all the 12 months of 2015 in a single page with the national holidays of the United States mentioned below.

Color Calendar

Black and White Calendar

Blank Calendar

Each month comes with a different theme. Use these blank calendars to mark your activities, birthdays, homework or anything you want.

Month Wise Calendar

January-Toys theme

February-Valentine's day theme

March-Spidey theme

April-Easter theme

May-Flowers and leaves theme

June-Fruits theme

July-Sininho theme

August-Back to school theme

September-Cow theme

October-Halloween spider theme

November-Thanksgiving theme

December-Christmas theme

Whole Year 2015

Donald theme - 12 Months

Your Own Activity Chart

Birthday Remainders

A single page chart to note down your family and friends birthday.

Birthday Remainder - Color

Birthday Remainder - B and W

Coloring Calendar

Do you love coloring? Like cartoons? Color the calendars that come with your favorite cartoon characters.

January-Mickey and Minnie


March-Spider Man

April-Chip and Dale



July-Winnie and Tiger

August-Lion King and Simba





Calendar Charts

Stick these charts to learn weeks, months, seasons and more.

Days of a Week

Table Format

Circle Format - Color

Circle Format- B and W

Months of the Year

Table Format

Circle Format - Color

Circle Format- B and W

Seasons of the Year

Table Format

Circle Format - Color

Circle Format- B and W

Basic Charts

Leap and Non Leap Year


Calendar Quiz

Calendar Trivia

These quiz format contains sequence of questions based on basic facts of calendar.

Quiz on Weeks - 1

Quiz on Weeks - 2

Quiz on Months - 1

Quiz on Months - 2

Quiz on Seasons - 1

Quiz on Seasons - 2

Calendar Quiz - 1

Calendar Quiz - 2

Calendar Practice Sheets

Read the calendar and answer the questions. Difficulty level increases by every month.

New Year Special

Explore February

March Activities

My April

Mary's May Calendar

Mermaid Toy Shop: June

Mark's July Activities

What's in August?

Tina's September

Halloween October

Thanksgiving November

Merry Christmas