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Equivalent Fractions Worksheets

The worksheets in this page contain multiplication and division technique to find equivalent fraction; use cross multiplication or any other methods to check for equivalency; pie and fraction strip model to understand equivalent fraction and more.

Basic Equivalent Fraction

Equivalent Fraction for Beginners

These interactive worksheets help kids to learn how to perform operations to create an equivalent fraction.

Interactive Worksheet 1

Interactive Worksheet 2

Equivalent Fraction: Multiplication

Use multiplication operation to find out the missing number in an equivalent fraction.

Multiplication 1

Multiplication 2

Multiplication and Algebra

Equivalent Fraction: Division

Use division operation to find out the missing number in an equivalent fraction.

Division 1

Division 2

Division and Algebra

Equivalent Fraction: Mixed Review

It uses both multiplication and division in each worksheet. Find out what operation to be performed and calculate the missing the number.

Equivalent Fraction 1

Equivalent Fraction 2

Equivalent Fraction and Algebra

Missing Multiples

Fill in the missing multiples that make the fractions equivalent.

Equivalent Fraction Basic

Fraction Quiz

Simple equivalent fraction worksheet provided in a quiz format.

Fraction Quiz

Your Own Fractions

Write any three equivalent fractions of your own. Answers provided for first 3 multiples.

3 Equivalent Fractions

Check for the Equivalency

Identify Equivalent Fractions

Each fraction is given with four choices. You should circle the fractions that are equivalent.

Circle the Equivalent Fraction

Visual Pie Model

Compare the shaded part of the pie and set up the fraction. Are they equivalent? Find out either by comparing the fractions or shaded regions.

Equivalent Fraction in Pie Model

Cross Multiplication Method

Apply cross multiplication and check the equality. If they are equal, write yes, otherwise no in the box.

Cross Multiplication

Simplify and Compare

Write the fractions in its simplest form and check for the existence of equivalent fractions.

Check for Equivalent Fractions

Fraction Strips

Fraction strip worksheets help you understand how to write fraction in many ways. Each strip has two rows. Fraction of shaded region from the first row compared to the corresponding shaded portion from the second row and the equivalent form is set.

Fraction Strip Basic

Compare the corresponding shaded portion of the boxes and write the missing numbers that form equivalent fraction.

Simple Fraction Strip

Equivalent Fraction Strip Model

First row in a strip is divided into equal boxes. Compare each corresponding box with the box in a second row. Count by how many partitions each box has been made and find the missing number that forms equivalent fraction.

Strip Model 1

Strip Model 2

Equivalent Fraction in Single Strip

Each box in a strip is further divided into many pieces. Set up the equivalent fraction that describes the box model.

Fraction Box Model