Estimation Worksheets: Rounding numbers, decimals and fractions

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Math Estimation Worksheets

Free math estimation worksheets develop the knowledge of estimating and rounding numbers, estimation of sum, difference, product and quotient without doing actual calculation, rounding decimals to the nearest place value and rounding fractions.

Rounding Whole Numbers:

Rounding numbers worksheets to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands place value and higher. Suitable for grade 2 and up kids.

Estimate the Fractions:

Estimate the proper, improper and mixed fractions. Combination of all fractions worksheet is also provided.

Rounding Decimal Numbers:

Rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth, thousandth place value and lesser.

Operations on Estimation

In this section you can find worksheets on sum, difference, product and quotient of numbers. As you have successfully completed the worksheets on whole numbers, fractions and decimals, it's not a difficult task for you to go with basic operations on estimation. Are you ready to try these worksheets? Get, set and go!!!!!

Estimate the sum:

Estimate the addition to the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands place value.

Estimate the Difference:

Estimate the difference between the numbers without doing actual subtraction.

Estimate the product:

Multiplication takes long time when you do by head. But these worksheets help you to guess how close the product will be.

Estimate the quotient:

Division becomes easy here because we are not going to do actual division. So it would be great if the kids do it by head.

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