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Logarithms Worksheets

Logarithms is an important topic to be known which is used in many fields. It is used to represent sound intensity, electromagnetic field strength and in the study of population growth, decay, in banking calculations and many more. Logarithms is subdivided into two categories as common logarithms and natural logarithms. Logarithms worksheets are applicable for middle and higher graders.

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Common Logarithms Worksheets

Common logarithms worksheets include converting logarithmic form into exponential form and vice versa, calculating the value of logarithm using calculator, worksheets based on laws of logarithms such as product rule, quotient rule, power rule and change of base rule and more.

Logarithmic and Exponent Form:

Practice basic worksheets of converting the exponential form into logarithmic form and logarithmic form into exponential form.

Logarithmic Value Using Calculator:

Learn to use calculator to find the logarithmic and anti logarithmic value. Round your answers as given and check your answers with the given answers.

Product Rule Worksheets:

The product rule is log m+log n=log mn. We can apply this rule only if both the logarithms have the same base.

Quotient Rule Worksheets:

The quotient rule is log m-log n = log (m/n), provided the bases are same. Practice worksheets on quotient rule.

Power Rule Worksheets:

Power rule is given by log m^x=x log m. This is an important rule. Because many times, we apply this rule and only then we proceed with other rules.

Change of Base Rule Worksheets:

This rule can be applied when the bases vary. Make use of these worksheets to rewrite the terms as single logarithm and expand the given logarithm.

Laws of Logarithms Worksheets:

If you are good with the application of logarithmic rules, then you can proceed with these worksheets. Are you ready?



Natural Logarithms Worksheets

Natural logarithms worksheets contain simple problems in finding the value of natural logarithm, missing unknown value using calculator, laws of natural logarithms and other printable creative worksheets.

Natural Logarithmic Value Using Calculator:

Learn to use calculator to find the value of natural logarithm and natural anti logarithm and check your answers provided in worksheets.

Solve the Unknown Using Calculator:

Solve the unknowns using calculator. To do these worksheets, you should be known to find inverse of natural logarithm values using calculator.

Product Rule Worksheets:

Apply product rule and find the values of the natural logarithms using calculator.

Quotient Rule Worksheets:

Apply quotient rule and find the values of the natural logarithms using calculator.

Change of Base Rule Worksheet:

Is it possible to find the value of common logarithm using natural logarithm? Yes you can. Example and answer keys provided for your reference.

Laws of Logarithms Worksheet:

As you are familiar with the laws of logarithms, it's not a difficult task to simplify this worksheet. Try these worksheets and check your answers.

Algebraic Worksheets on Logarithms

Simple Algebra worksheets based on laws of logarithms are provided here. Find the value of given variables by converting the questions into logarithmic form or exponent form. Sometimes you may need to write the expressions into single logarithms before converting into exponential form.

Solve for the Unknowns:

Worksheets are sorted according to the unknown. Solving for the base, argument, logarithm and a combined worksheet are all provided for practice.

Product Rule Worksheets:

Apply product rule for simplification and to find the value of the unknowns. Make sure the bases are same while you do this.

Quotient Rule Worksheets:

Apply quotient rule to write the logarithmic terms as single term and use this rule to solve for the unknowns.

Laws of Logarithm Worksheets:

You might feel easy to do with these worksheets if you are good enough to deal with all the laws of logarithms.

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