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Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Test your skills in whole numbers, integers, fractions and decimals using our free comparing and ordering numbers worksheets.

Printable ordering numbers worksheets build kids knowledge to compare the numbers more effectively. Arrange the numbers in increasing or decreasing order and explore your knowledge in number sense.

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Ordering Whole Numbers Worksheets

Ordering Integers Worksheets

Ordering Fractions Worksheets

Ordering Decimals Worksheets

Ordering Whole Numbers Worksheets

Ordering numbers worksheets are based on simple counting numbers (natural numbers). These worksheets are suitable for any kids who knows only counting numbers. More specifically, it is suitable for pre-school, kindergarten and from grade 1 to grade 4 kids.

Ordering Numbers (Increasing):

Simple ordering worksheets in whole numbers from single digit to more digits. Arrange the numbers in increasing order and check your answer provided at the end of worksheet.

Ordering Numbers (Decreasing):

Arrange the whole numbers in decreasing order. Several worksheets with different digit combination is provided here. Also try mixed digits to clearly understand the counting numbers.

Ordering Integers Worksheets

It is common to get confuse among negative numbers. Negative integers with greatest numerical value are smaller than negative integers with least numerical value. Positive integers are always greater than negative integers. If there is any confusion in ordering positive integers, it is better to practice with ordering numbers worksheets before taking ordering integers worksheets. Download, practice and improves your skills in ordering integers using our free printable ordering integers worksheets.

Ordering Integers (Increasing):

Ordering integers worksheets in increasing order with different number of digits are provided here for practice. Concentrate more on negative integers before start arranging them.

Ordering Integers (Decreasing):

Sometimes kids will perform well with arranging integer worksheets in increasing order than decreasing order. Watch negative integers carefully, before ordering them.

Comparing Numbers Worksheets:

Basic worksheets on comparing integers are provided here. No problem will arise while comparing positive integers but mistakes are common while comparing negative integers. Explore you knowledge in integers by practicing these free ordering numbers worksheets.



Ordering Fractions Worksheets

Comparing and ordering fractions is always a great challenge for many kids. Comparing fractions with like denominators is quite easy than unlike denominators. In like fractions, compare the numerical value of the numerators. Fractions with greater numeric value in numerator are greater than fractions with lesser numeric value. In unlike fractions, find the LCM, make the equivalent fractions with like denominator and then compare. Need to practice with LCM? Take these LCM worksheets before working with unlike fractions.

Ordering Fractions (Increasing):

Ordering fractions worksheets in increasing order include like, unlike, positive and negative fractions.

  • Like fractions

  • Ordering Fractions (Decreasing):

    Working with negative fractions with unlike denominators will improve kids skill set.

    Ordering Decimals Worksheets

    Comparing and ordering decimals worksheets are really easy comparing with ordering fractions worksheets. But concentration is required while working with decimals containing more zeros and repetition of numbers.

    Ordering Decimals (Increasing):

    Arrange and order the decimals in increasing order. Negative decimals are little challenging to work with.

    Ordering Decimals (Decreasing):

    Arranging decimals worksheets in decreasing order will help students to compare decimals effectively than ever before.

    Comparing Decimals Worksheets:

    Compare the decimals include positive, negative and both.

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