Pattern Worksheets: Pictures and Numbers

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Grade 8

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Math Pattern Worksheets

Pattern worksheets to identify the sequence of numbers and pictures for kids from kindergarten and up.

The picture worksheets in this page contains coloring and continuing the picture sequence, drawing the next picture in the sequence and many more. In number pattern worksheets, follow the sequence and find the missing numbers.

Picture Patterns Worksheets:

Interactive pattern worksheets using pictures for pre-school, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 students.

Number Patterns Worksheets:

Number pattern worksheets contain different type of number sequences in both increasing and decreasing order.


What Comes Before and After?:

Pattern worksheets for beginners to understand the basics of patterns in numbers. Identify what number comes before or after the numbers in sequence.

Patterns in between:

Identify the missing numbers in between the given number patterns. All worksheets are printable and absolutely free to use for classroom, home school or own practice purposes.

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