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Picture Addition Worksheets

This page contains worksheets in adding pictures to reinforce the knowledge in basic addition. It contains visual graphic addition, counting and adding pictures, coloring activities, addition with dice and domino, addition statement and more. These worksheets are helpful for students under preschool, kindergarten and grade 1.

Visual Graphic Addition

Graphic addition worksheets in this section create interest in learning addition with fun.

Addition with Pictures Worksheets

Visual Addition 1

Visual Addition 2

Visual Addition 3

Visual Addition 4

Count and Add

Count the pictures in each group and find the total number of pictures in both groups.

Appropriate Grade Level: Kindergarten

Count and Add Worksheets

Picture Addition 1

Picture Addition 2

Picture Addition 3

Picture Addition Statement

There are group of pictures in different themes. Count the pictures and frame the addition sentence. These worksheets highly recommended for kindergarten and 1st grade kids.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets

Addition Sentence 1

Addition Sentence 2

Addition with Dice

Addition worksheets in this section contain dice pictures to learn simple addition. Suitable for 1st grade children.

Dice Addition Worksheets

Dice Addition 1

Dice Addition 2

Dice Activity

Ask the kids to roll a pair of dice and mark the same number of dots in the template. Finally let them count the total dots.

Dice Template 1

Dice Template 2

Domino Addition

The worksheets below uses domino graphics to learn addition.

Domino Addition Worksheets

Domino Addition 1

Domino Addition 2

Domino Activity

Create your own domino addition worksheets using this template.

Domino Template

Addition Activity

Follow the instruction and perform the activity. Addition activity includes drawing, coloring and simple addition.

1st Grade Addition Worksheets

Addition Activity 1

Addition Activity 2