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Ratio and Proportion Worksheets

Free ratio and proportion worksheets help kids in understanding the real life applications of ratio and proportion, relation between the fractions and ratios, equivalent ratios, allotting or distributing or dividing quantities using ratio, comparing ratios, usage of proportions and more.

Printable ratio worksheets contain writing fractions as ratio and ratios as fraction, reducing ratios; finding ratio for given units, equivalent ratio, pictures activities for kids and more.

Free proportion worksheets in comparing ratios, finding whether the given ratios are proportional, finding the missing number to make ratios proportional, creating proportion and more.

Picture Interactive Worksheets:

Interactive picture worksheets for kids to understand the basics of ratio using pictures. Very useful for children from grade 4 and up.

Conversion Worksheets:

Practice these ratio worksheets to convert fractions into ratios or ratios into fraction. Write the answers in simplest form as possible.

Reduce the Ratios:

Reduce the ratio to the simplest form. Reducing the ratio with same units is similar to reducing ratio of numbers. But convert the greater units to smaller units while converting ratio with different units. All worksheets are printable and free to use.

Statement Worksheets:

Find the ratio for the verbal statement given below. It can also be partially treated as simple ratio word problems. Ratio worksheets in this section help to understand the practical application of ratio in real life.

Divide the Numbers in the Given Ratio:

Ratio worksheets in sharing or dividing quantities in a given ratio. Another practical technique we use in day to day life.

Compare the Ratios:

Ratio worksheets in comparing two ratios and identifying equivalent ratio. It is very similar to equivalent fractions.

Proportion Worksheets:

Compare the ratios and state whether they are proportional or not. Proportion worksheets in identifying missing numbers so that the given set of numbers is in proportion.

Ratio Word Problems:

As ratio is all about comparing two quantities, ratio word problems include findng missing quantities, compare two quantities and find the ratio of them in simplest form.

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