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Single-Digit Addition Worksheets

Single-digit addition worksheets contain basic addition drills, adding three or more numbers in either column or horizontal form, doubling and tripling, missing addends, addition sentence and more.

Addition Drills

Simple addition worksheets

Learn the basic facts from 0-9 with the help of these basic addition worksheets.

Addition Facts

Single-Digit Addition Drill

Test your single-digit addition skill with these practice worksheets that include 50 questions in each sheet.

Column Addition Drill:

Addition Drill 1

Addition Drill 2

Horizontal Addition Drill:

Addition Drill 3

Addition Drill 4

Column and Horizontal Addition: Combo

These simple addition worksheets include the single-digit numbers in both column and horizontal form.

Single-Digit Addition Worksheet 1

Single-Digit Addition Worksheet 2

Addition: Three or More Addends

This section contains single-digit addition worksheets with 3, 4 or 5 addends in column or horizontal form.

Adding Three Addends

Three Addends

Three Addends column 1

Three Addends column 2

Three Addends horizontal 1

Three Addends horizontal 2

Four Addends

Four Addends column 1

Four Addends column 2

Five Addends

Five Addends column 1

Five Addends column 2

Interactive Addition Worksheets

Pick Out the Numbers

You have four numbers in each list. Circle the numbers that make the sum as mentioned.


Circle the Numbers 1

Circle the Numbers 2

Doubling and Tripling

Find out what would be the sum if you double or triple the numbers.

Doubling and Tripling Worksheet

Missing Addends

Find the missing addend that makes the sum.

Missing Addend - Vertical 1

Missing Addend - Vertical 2

Missing Addend - Horizontal 1

Missing Addend - Horizontal 2

Addition Sentence

Find out what number makes the addition equation true.

For example: 2 + ____ = 3 + 5. We know that 3 + 5 = 8. What should be added with 2 to make it 8?

Addition equation 1

Addition equation 2