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Slope Worksheets

Slope or gradient worksheets contain identifying types of slope; finding rise and run from the graph; identifying rate of change; identifying slope from linear equation using slope-intercept form and two-point formula; and more.

Identifying Slope from the Graph

Positive, Negative, Zero or Undefined Slope

Look at the graph of each line and identify the nature of the slope

Types of Slope 1

Types of Slope 2

Rise, Run and Slope

Identify the slope or gradient of a line shown in each graph. Draw the horizontal and vertical line to show rise and run.


Rise, Run, Slope - 1

Rise, Run, Slope - 2

Rate of Change

Find the slope or rate of change in each graph. No coordinates provided.

Slope of the Line 1

Slope of the Line 2

Roof of the building

Find the roof pitch of the roof in each building.

Roof Pitch 1

Roof Pitch 2

Graph the Line

Draw the line through the point with the given slope.

Point and the Slope 1

Point and the Slope 2

Slope of a linear Equation

Slope and Y-intercept form: Basic

Find the slope of a line from the slope-intercept form of a linear equation.

Slope of a Linear Equation 1

Slope of a Linear Equation 2

Slope and Y-intercept Form: Advanced

Write the linear equation in slope-intercept form and then find the slope.

Slope-intercept Form 1

Slope-intercept Form 2

Slope Between the Points

Ratio Method:

Use the coordinates of the points to calculate the rise and run, and find the slope. This method also called as ratio method.

Ratio Method: Calculating Slope 1

Ratio Method: Calculating Slope 2

Two Point Formula and the Slope:

Use two-point formula to find the slope of a line.

Two-poiint form worksheets

Slope Worksheets: Two-Point Form 1

Slope Worksheets: Two-Point Form 2

Slope and Algebra

Missing Coordinates

The gradient (slope) and the point is given. Another point is given with missing coordinate. Find the value of the missing coordinate using two point slope formula.

Find the Missing Coordinate using Slope

Missing Coordinate 1

Missing Coordinate 2