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Statistics Worksheets

Free statistics worksheets for kids include measures of central tendency such as mean, median, mode and range for the given data, finding the first quartile, second quartile and third quartile for the set of values, grouping and listing information using tally marks or frequency tables, plotting the information using stem-leaf plot and box-whisker plot and more.

Venn diagram worksheets and probability worksheets are also included. All worksheets are printable and free for personal use, home schooling and classroom activities.

Arithmetic Mean Worksheets:

Find the average or mean for the given set of values. Average or mean can easily be found by adding all the entries and dividing the sum by number of entries.

Median Worksheets:

Median is a central value for the given set of numbers or data. Arrange numbers in increasing order and find the middle number. If there are two middle numbers, find the average for them.

Mode Worksheets:

Mode is the number or value that repeats more often in a given data. Sometimes two or more numbers may repeat equal number of times.

Range Worksheets:

Range is one the of the central tendency measure which can be easily find out by taking difference between highest and lowest entries in a set.

Measures of Central Tendency Worksheets:

After taking individual attention with mean, median, mode and range, take the complete revision on measures of central tendency worksheets. These worksheets include the entire mean, median, mode and range in every worksheets.

Quartiles Worksheets: Lower, Middle, Upper

Median or second quartile is the middle number in a data set, first quartile or lower quartile is the median of the lower half of the given data where as second quartile or upper quartile is the median of the upper half of the given data set.

Tally Worksheets

Tally marks are used to figure out each set with a counting of five. Here we go with worksheets on drawing tally marks for the given data and interval and answer the questions based on the tally table.

Stem and Leaf Plot Worksheets

Stem and leaf plot is used to represents the data set. The leaf represents the unit digit and the stem represents the remaining digits. Stem-Plot worksheets are classified based on difficulty level.

Box and Whisker Plot Worksheets

Box-Whisker plot worksheets are based on identifying median, lower and upper quartile, lowest and highest number in data and representing all these information using Box and Whisker Plot.

  • Box and whisker plot-easy

  • Box and whisker plot-medium
  • Venn Diagram Worksheets:

    Venn diagram worksheets help kids to plot the data in Venn diagram or identifying information or data from Venn diagram and gathering information from vVenn diagram. Venn diagram word problems also included to understand the real life applications.

    Probability Worksheets:

    Probability is one of major concepts in statistics. Free probability worksheets include spinner worksheets, chances of occurring more likely, less likely, unlikely or equally likely, identifying mutually exclusive, inclusive, independent or dependent events, simple probability problems, identifying odds and more.


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