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Two-Digit Addition Worksheets

2-digit addition worksheets contain standard double-digit addends with regrouping and no regrouping, missing addends and digits, addition equations, dart board, pyramid, matching numbers and more.

Double-Digit Addition Practice

2-Digit and Single-Digit

Add double-digit and single-digit number arranged in vertical form.

No Regrouping:

No Regrouping Worksheet 1

No Regrouping Worksheet 2


Regrouping Worksheet 1

Regrouping Worksheet 2

2-Digit and 2-Digit

Two-digit addition worksheets in this section include 2 addends involve regrouping and no regrouping.

No Carrying:

2-Digit Addition 1: Column

2-Digit Addition 2: Column

2-Digit Addition 3: Horizontal

With Carrying:

2-Digit Addition 4: Column

2-Digit Addition 5: Column

2-Digit Addition 6: Horizontal

No Specifications:

Double-Digit Addition 7

Double-Digit Addition 8

Doubling the Numbers

Find the value of double the times of a number.

Doubling Worksheet: Column Addition

Doubling Worksheet: Horizontal Addition

Tripling the Numbers

Use simple multiplication or repeated addition to find the sum.

Tripling Worksheet

Adding 3 addends

This time even bigger. You have three addends for addition that are arranged in column form.

3 addends: Part 1

3 addends: Part 2

2-Digit Addition - A Special Focus

Missing Addends

Find out the number to be added to make the perfect sum.

Column Addition:

Missing Addend 1

Missing Addend 2

Horizontal Addition:

Missing Addend 3

Missing Addend 4

Missing Digit

Few digits are hidden by lines. Identify the hidden digits that make the addition true.

Missing Digit: No Regrouping

Missing Digit: Regrouping

Addition Equation

Find out the missing number to balance the addition equation.

Addition equation 1

Addition equation 2

Fun with Addition

Addition Pyramid

Add two consecutive numbers to create a new number and complete the Pyramid.


Pyramid Addition

Match the Numbers

You have numbers in two columns. Match the numbers that make the sum as mentioned.


Number Match 1

Number Match 2

Aim Your Target

Learn the fact family for two digit numbers with dart boards.


Dart Board Addition: Easy

Dart Board Addition: Medium

Dart Board Addition: Hard