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Volume Worksheets

Volume worksheets include volume of prisms and pyramids with base as rectangle, square, circle, triangle and more. Volume of spheres and hemispheres also included. All worksheets are printable and free to download.

Generally, we call prism with circlcular base as cylinder and pyramid with circular base as cone. If all the faces of prism are square shaped, then it is called as cube. Volume worksheets also include word problems for certain shapes.

Most general formula to find the volume of the prism is V = base area * height of the prism. To find the volume of the pyramid, we apply the formula, V = 1/3 * base area * height of the pyramid.

Volume of Rectangular Prism:

As the base is rectangle, area of the base is length * width. Let h be the height of the prism. Therefore, volume of a rectangular prism = l * w * h. Apply this formula to solve these volume worksheets in rectangular prism.

Volume of Cube:

Cube is kind of rectangular prism where all the faces are square. As all the edges are equal, we take l = w = h = s, where s is the side of a cube. Volume of a cube = s * s * s = s^3. Using this, Solve the volume worksheets based on cubes.

Volume of Cylindrical Prism:

As the base is circle, area of the base is pi * r^2. Taking h as height of the cylinder, volume of a cylinder = pi* r^2 * h. Practice these worksheets in volume of cylinder.

Volume of Cone:

Cone is a kind of pyramid with circle as base. According to the general formula pyramid, volume of cone = 1/3 * pi * r^2 * h, where h is the height of a cone.

Volume of Sphere:

Volume of sphere = 4/3 * pi * r^3. Use this formula to find the volume of sphere. Don't forget to find the radius when the diameter is given.

Volume of Hemisphere:

Volume of hemisphere is half the volume of sphere with same radius. So, we arrive at the formula, V = 2/3 * pi * r^3.

Volume of Triangular Prism:

Area of a triangle = 1/2 * base * height. Volume of triangular prism = area of a triangle * height of the prism. Find the volume of triangular prism and approximate answers to the required place value.

Volume of Rectangular Pyramid:

We can easily find the volume of rectangular pyramid by using the general formula. Volume = 1/3 * area of rectangle * height of the pyramid. Practice these volume worksheets in pyramids.

Volume of Square Pyramid:

Simple volume worksheets in pyramid with square as base. Sides are provided in whole numbers or decimals. Use calculator or paper-pencil to find the volume of square pyramid.

Volume of Triangular Pyramid:

Same procedure to be followed as we discussed for pyramids with base as circle, rectangle and square. Solve these volume worksheets in pyramid with triangle as base.

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