Steps to Make Chrome Your Default PDF Reader

Please follow the steps below to change your default settings.

For Chrome Browser:

Click on the three dots at the top-right corner.

Click the three dots

Navigate to the “Settings” option.


Click on “Privacy and Security”.

Privacy and security

Scroll down and click on “Site settings”.

Site settings

Click on the drop-down arrow beside “Additional content settings”.

Additional content settings

Go to “PDF documents”.

PDF documents

Select the “Open PDFs in Chrome” option.

Open PDFs in Chrome


Navigate to the subject of your choice, for example, “Math”.

Go to the topic you need, for example, “Number Sense”.

From the list of topics, choose “Ordinal Numbers”.

Browse through the collection of worksheets.

Click on the "Worksheet" button, for example, "Worksheet 1".

The worksheet will open in the Chrome browser.

Choosing PDF

Click on the download button on the top-right corner.

Click the download button

Go to your folder; right-click on the saved PDF file.

Right-click on saved file

Click “Open with”.

Open with

Click on “Choose another app”.

Choose another app

Choose “Google Chrome”.

Make sure you click on “Always” right at the bottom of the window.

Henceforth, all your files will be opened with Chrome, instead of Adobe.

Choose always

Also, make sure you disable or uninstall the Adobe extension if you have it added to your Chrome browser.

Type chrome://extensions/ on the address bar, and it will take you to the Extensions menu; if you see the Adobe Reader Extension there, just click "remove", or click the toggle switch to disable the extension.

Remove Adobe extension

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to uninstall or disable the Adobe extension.

Open Chrome.

Click on the three dots at the top-right corner.

Click the three dots

Scroll down to “Settings”.

Click Settings

Navigate to "Extensions".


Look for the Adobe extension.

Turn off the extension to disable it, or click “Remove” to uninstall the extension.

Disable or Remove