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Printable Science Worksheets

"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge" - Thomas Berger. Develop curiosity, cultivate the questioning spirit, facilitate discussions in the classroom with this galore of science worksheets. Included here are topics like living and non-living things, five senses, states of matter, life cycle of a frog, parts of a plant and many more to be added to the list. Included here are vibrant charts, engaging activities, revision exercises and a lot more for kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 kids.

List of Science Worksheets

Explore the Science Worksheets in Detail

Five Senses Worksheets

The objective of this set of five senses worksheets is to impart a thorough understanding of the concept with vibrant charts, engaging activities to recognize the senses and their functions. Motivate kids with activities to understand the concept to the fullest.

Living and Non-living Things Worksheets

Distinguish between living and non-living things and learn about the vital attributes that help tell them apart with this stack of amazing science worksheets. Reiterate concepts with cut and paste, classification and matching activities.

Parts of a Plant Worksheets

Enrich your knowledge with these parts of a plant worksheets and charts. Identify the parts of plants and comprehend their functions. Additionally, identify the edible parts of a plant as well.

Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheets

Equip children with adequate worksheets to achieve a deeper understanding of the life cycle of a frog. This unit of science worksheets contains visually appealing charts to introduce the lesson, followed by activities like matching and labeling the stages, cut and paste activities, spin wheel and more!

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Worksheets

The vertebrates and invertebrates worksheets provide learning opportunities to identify, classify and compare the animals based on their property traits. Included here are vibrant charts, graphic organizers, cut and paste activities, worksheets to test comprehension and much more!

States of Matter Worksheets

Constructively engage children with this myriad collection of states of matter worksheets. Recognize the three states of matter with activity formats like fill up, label, sort, cut and paste and much more with these worksheets comprising ample illustrations!

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