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Electricity Worksheets

Life without electricity is unimaginable. Yesteryear's luxuries have become today's necessities. The printable electricity worksheets have ample exercises in store for children in grade 1 through grade 6 to comprehend the flow of electric current in open, closed, series and parallel circuits. Find PDFs to identify the power sources as 'mains' or 'battery', interpret electrical symbols, learn to distinguish between conductors and insulators, comprehend positive, negative and neutral electric charges and a lot more! Access some of these worksheets for free!

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Circle the electrical appliances

Brainstorm 1st grade and 2nd grade kids of how electricity is used in their day-to-day life. Follow up with this pencil-paper activity that requires kids to circle the appliances powered by electricity.

Identify the power source

The 3rd grade worksheet contains pictures of familiar electrical appliances. Reason out why a particular source is used to power an electrical appliance and label the appliance as 'mains' or 'battery' powered.

Electrical circuit chart

This clearly laid out electrical circuit chart for grade 4 and grade 5 consists of open, closed, series and parallel circuits. Enclosed here is a brief description and a circuit diagram to illustrate each type of circuit.

Identify open and closed circuits

Observe each circuit diagram keenly, identify the type of circuit as open or closed and predict if the bulb would light or not based on the circuit being open (broken) or closed.

Series or parallel circuit

Analyze each circuit and label it as series if the current flows through a single path and parallel if it flows through more than one path, in this identify the series and parallel circuit pdf worksheet for 4th grade and 5th grade students.

Electrical symbols chart

Interpret the electrical symbol for each component in the circuit with this electrical symbols chart. The component, its symbol and a vivid explanation of the symbol are tabulated in this chart.

Name the electrical symbols

Identify the symbol and name the component it represents in this name the electrical symbols printable worksheet. Serves best to recapitulate the knowledge acquired.

Draw the electrical symbols

This interesting worksheet assists in retrieving knowledge of electrical symbols. The students in 6th grade are expected to draw the corresponding symbols for the given component.

Conductors vs insulators chart

Introduce the conductors and insulators to students of grade 5 and grade 6 with this chart. The chart encompasses the distinguishing features of both conductors and insulators along with examples.

Identify the conductors and insulators

This visually appealing worksheet pdf contains illustrations of objects. Encourage students to investigate and identify the conductors and insulators and label them by reasoning out.

Classify conductors and insulators

The word bank consists of a mix of conductors and insulators. Sort the conductors and insulators and list them out in the appropriate columns in this printable classify-the-conductors-and-insulators worksheet.

Conductors and insulators | Cut and paste

This fun cut-and-paste activity helps reinforce the concept of conductors and insulators and assess the knowledge of students with ease. Snip the pictures, sort them and glue them in the correct columns.

Answer the following

Wrap up the topic with this electricity-question-answer worksheet for grade 6. Read the questions carefully and answer them based on what you have learnt about conductors and insulators.

Electrical charges

This self-explanatory worksheet helps comprehend the electrical charge of an object as positive, negative or neutral depending on the number of protons (+ve) and electrons (-ve). Count the charges and label accordingly.

Fill in the blanks

Read the sentences and complete them with appropriate words from the word bank. Utilize this electricity pdf worksheet to recapitulate and test knowledge of students.

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