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Flower Activities for Kids

Within our printable flower activity worsheets blooms an opportunity for preschool through grade 3 kids to stop and smell the roses. Let them say hello to common flowers like roses, sunflowers, daffodils, poppies, and more, as they flower into little botanists by completing activities like labeling, matching, and unscrambling flower names. Encourage children to discover the concept of growth and changes that flowers are symbolic of, as the worksheet pdfs also arouse in them a curiosity to explore their surroundings further. Take a look at our free flower activity pdfs for a sneak peek.

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Flowers Chart

Fresh as a daisy, your preschool kid will enjoy learning names of flowers accompanied by colorful pictures. Made fragrant with flowers, 15 of them to be precise, this printable flower chart is a must-have for children.

Tracing Lines and Matching Flowers

This flower activity pdf has double the fun in store for preschool and kindergarten kids. Direct them to draw over the dotted line to match each flower on the left to its lookalike on the right.

Coloring Flowers

It's time for children to color a bunch of flowers in this section, a flower that's symbolic of spring and sought after for its beauty and spectacular growth.

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Identifying and Labeling Flowers

A daffodil is a yellow, bell-shaped flower with a long stem. Make kids familiar with flowers in this exercise that tasks them with identifying and labeling flowers.

Matching Flowers to Their Names

This matching flower pictures to their names worksheet pdf refreshes kindergarten kids' visual memory as well as enhances their fine motor skills.

Fifty State Flowers Chart

This printable fifty flower chart illustrates all 50 states and their respective state flowers. Kids in grade 2 and grade 3 will treasure this as a valuable learning resource.

Labeling State Flowers

Find out how well your 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids know their state flowers as they answer this state flowers labeling exercise.

Unscrambling Flower Names

As they answer this unscrambling flower names worksheet, not only do children pick up names of 10 flowers, they also get to improve and practice their spelling.

Arranging the Flowers in ABC Order

Flowers are blooming everywhere in this part of our printable flower activities, in which 1st grade and 2nd grade kids observe the flowers, alphabetize their names to number them, and write them on the lines.

Answering Questions Based on Flowers

Not all flowers are the same size; some are small while some are big. Let kindergarten and grade 1 kids observe the pictures and answer the questions that follow.