Flower Coloring Pages

As kids flick through our printable flower coloring pages and start coloring, not only will they tap into their creativity, they will take home a great collection of fun floral designs. Coloring tasks help children in preschool and kindergarten improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination and enhance focus and attention to detail, while also letting them practice their color awareness. Our flower coloring pages include the rose, the daffodil, the morning glory, the daisy, the sunflower, and more, making it easy for young learners to learn about lines, patterns, and forms. Use our free flower coloring pages to kick-start your journey.

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Coloring a Poppy

The red poppy is a symbol of resilience and peace. Before you ask preschool and kindergarten kids to color a poppy, give them some background information about the importance of the flower.

Coloring a Sunflower

While all flowers bring happiness, sunflowers are by far the most joyous flower. This sunflower coloring activity gives the budding flower lovers an opportunity to express their love for sunflowers.

Coloring a Tulip

Watch the young artists in your class making the most of this tulip coloring activity, as they get busy bringing color to the tulip, finding utmost excitement in the process.

Coloring a Hibiscus

Large and showy, hibiscus are a paradise for pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Give color to the hibiscus after observing the image of the flower at the top of the page.

Coloring a Lily

Let the petals, sepal, stamen, and carpel of this lily spring to life as you color the flower. Direct kids to look at the picture of a lily and color it accordingly.

Coloring a Daffodil

Call them the splash of bright yellow, daffodils are the gift of spring. Preschool and kindergarten children will be enthusiastic about this part of our flower coloring pages.

Coloring a Lotus

This flower is light pink with boat-shaped petals. The stem is very thick, and it has a glowing yellow center. Make note of these aspects as you start coloring a lotus.

Coloring a Rose

Poets never grow weary of writing about roses, and gardeners hardly get tired of growing roses. This activity from our flower coloring pages is dedicated to roses, arguably the most famous flowers in popular culture.

Coloring a Morning Glory

This flower makes your mornings glorious and our printable flower coloring pages a coveted bunch. The task is for kids to look at the sample and beautifully color the flower.

Coloring a Daisy

A perfect harmony of white and yellow, daisies have a simple and minimalistic design, making them an artist's first love and a botanist's first point of contact.

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