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Push and Pull Worksheets

Spring into action with our printable push and pull worksheets that add the extra pep to the learning of your kindergarten through grade 3 kids. Does "pull" conjure up the image of a tug of war, or does "push" remind you of removing a boulder from the driveway? While there are plenty of examples, real-life scenarios, and exercises like identifying the type of force; sorting forces as a push or pull; the teddy-bear-themed pdf is guaranteed to be the star of this collection. Get down to brass tacks with our free pushing and pulling worksheets, and you’re sure to be up to snuff.

Select the Type

Push and Pull Chart

Keep this printable push and pull chart, packed with eye-catching illustrations and definitions of the two types of forces, bookmarked to pull up and scroll through whenever kids need a little pick me up.

Is the Teddy Bear Pushing or Pulling the Objects?

Can you imagine a teddy bear pushing and pulling objects? Watch kindergarten and grade 1 kids turn up trumps in matching the scenarios illustrated to the type of force exerted by the teddy bear.

Identifying Push and Pull Forces

Drawing water from a well or hitting the keys of the keyboard, this identifying push and pull worksheet is a real miracle-worker, especially when you need to hammer home the push-and-pull forces.

Is it a Push or a Pull?

A force that changes the direction of an object toward you is a pull. On the other hand, if it moves away, it is a push. Let kids observe the images keenly and determine the type of force applied in each.

Determining the Type of Force

Scoring top marks for its real-life scenarios and eye-catchy pictures, this push and pull pdf keeps 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids moving with constant pushing or pulling, without settling into a state of rest.

Sorting Push and Pull Forces | Cut and Glue

Nothing hits the spot quite like this push or pull sorting worksheet. Get kindergarten and 1st grade kids to skim through the images of push-and-pull forces, sort, and glue them in the correct columns.

Pushing or Pulling to Start or Stop the Motion

Push and pull can set a stationary object in motion or bring a moving object to rest. Let kids look at the picture, identify the force used, and predict if the push or pull will start or stop the motion.

Push, Pull, or Both? | Venn Diagram

The more you do something, the stronger the connection becomes. Sorting takes an interesting twist in this push and pull Venn diagram pdf when grade 1 and grade 2 kids come across objects that are both pushed and pulled.

Drawing Objects That Can Be Pushed or Pulled

Excite and energize kids as you combine science and imagination in this push and pull drawing worksheet, where kids picture in mind real-life objects that they push or pull to move and illustrate them.

Does the Object Move Away or Toward?

Illuminate the path to more innovative thinking as you get kids to read each scenario and determine if the action described would cause the object to move toward or away from the doer of the action.

Fill in the Blanks with Push and Pull Vocabulary Words

Mastering the fundamentals is often the hardest and longest journey. Pull out all the stops with this printable push and pull worksheet that tests the newfound knowledge of kids in 2nd grade and 3rd grade.

Answer the Following

Good questions not only generate interest but also develop curiosity. Weaving in definitions, examples, and real-life scenarios, this exercise will prove to be an acid test for kids in grade 3.

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