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Symbiosis Worksheets

The expository charts, exercises and activities incorporated in our pdf worksheets define, explain and elucidate symbiosis, its related terms and symbiotic relationships. Students of middle school will especially find the numerous examples provided in our printables, immensely helpful in understanding clearly this phenomenon of immense ecological relevance and the special interactions between species that are crucial to many biological processes in the world. Gift them with our free worksheets!

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Symbiosis | Chart

The Greek word symbiosis translates to "the state of living together". Let's understand the definition of symbiosis as a biological term and the types in detail with this printable chart.

Symbiosis Key Terms

This 6th grade worksheet pdf defines the key terms like host, symbiont, organism, etc. associated with symbiosis in the form of a match-exercise is very useful in comprehending the concept.

Symbiotic Relationship Chart

Symbiotic relationships are found throughout the natural world. Find explained examples of mutualism, commensalism and parasitism in this chart for the benefit of our students of grade 6 and grade 7.

Symbiosis | Quiz

Have 7th grade and 8th grade students attempt to answer the questions about symbiosis and symbiotic relationships in this worksheet to gain a deeper insight into this ecological phenomenon.

Identifying the Relationship

Make use of this visually appealing pictorial worksheet for children to identify the type of symbiotic relationship between organisms shown. Help them know how these relationships evolved.

Determining Relationships

In this pdf worksheet on symbiosis, children of grade 8 will read the description of the distinct characteristics of individual organisms to figure out the type of relationship they share.

Symbiotic Pair | Sorting

Enjoy this printable exercise of sorting the symbiotic pair under their relevant category to know of many more examples of interdependencies of organisms that is the major driving force of evolution.

Symbiotic Pairs

Grade 6 children will love this cut and glue activity of putting pairs of organisms together that interact in a specific way to benefit from the presence of the other and keep the ecosystem functioning.

Symbiosis | Fill in the blanks

Learn more about the various types of symbiosis like cleaning symbiosis, endosymbiosis and ectosymbiosis, mimicry, competition and more, with our fill in the blanks exercise pdf.