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Body Parts Worksheets

Introduce the topic with rhymes and songs like "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" or "If you're happy, and you know it" or games like "Simon Says". Most of the interactions and classroom instructions with kids involve the body vocabulary. The parts of the body worksheets feature vibrant charts, activity worksheets like matching and labeling to identify the body parts, fill in the blanks and more, for kids of kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2. We offer some free worksheets too!

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Parts of the body Chart | Basic

Enhance the interest of kindergarten kids with this vibrant parts of the body chart. Let the kids show and tell each part of the body using the chart and correlate with their body parts.

Parts of the Human Body Chart

Employ this pdf parts of the human body chart for kindergarten and 1st grade kids, to impart effective learning of body vocabulary. This printable chart features more than thirty vividly marked parts of the body.

Know your fingers and toes

Sing the song "Where is Thumbkin?" as a precursor to this topic. Follow-up with the know your fingers and toes chart to reinforce the names of the fingers and toes and enrich the body vocabulary of kids.

Identify the parts of the body

The thirty parts of the body are marked and numbered. The kids of grade 2 are expected to identify the parts and write their names. Test the vocabulary and spelling of kids in the process.

Parts of the body | Cut and Paste activity

Identify the parts of the body marked. Snip the body vocabulary word cards and glue them in the appropriate boxes to complete the printable parts of the body activity pdf.

Match the words to the body part

Draw lines and connect the body vocabulary words to the correct part in this parts of the body matching worksheet. This activity tests if kids are able to make a one-to-one correspondence between words and parts.

Label the parts of the body

This easy-to-do, label the body parts worksheet for 2nd graders comprises a word box of body vocabulary words. Identify the parts marked and label them with appropriate words from the word box.

Name the parts of the body

Reiterate the concept with this name the body parts worksheet. Kids are expected to identify the parts of the body and write their names. Serves best in testing comprehension of kids.

Unscramble the words

Once kids of grade 1 and grade 2 are familiar with the body vocabulary and know how to spell them, use this interesting unscramble-the-words worksheet to reaffirm their spellings.

Complete the sentence

Begin with a recitation of the rhyme "Two little hands.." and ask the question "How many?" to find answers to the exercise presented in this printable 1st grade worksheet. Emphasize the number in this PDF.

Fill in the blanks

This parts of the body worksheet features ten sentences and a word box. Read the sentences carefully and plug-in the appropriate words from the word box to complete them.

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