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Magnetism Worksheets

The fondest memory of a science experiment every kid has, is with magnets. The printable magnetism worksheets featured here provide kids with an opportunity to play with magnets, observe the magnetic force, investigate how they attract or repel, sort magnetic and non-magnetic materials, make predictions, carry out scientific experiments, and draw conclusions. The worksheets, experiments and activities on magnets are meticulously drafted and cater to the interest of grade 2 through grade 7 students. Get started with our free magnetism worksheets!

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Properties of Magnets | Chart

The three properties of magnets namely, attraction, repulsion and directive are explained vividly with illustrations along with a few basic facts to familiarize 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids with magnets.

Magnetism | Vocabulary

Understanding novel terms is vital in learning new scientific concepts. Comprehend basic and complex terminology related to magnets with concise definitions employing this pdf worksheet.

Magnets | Label the Poles

This interesting magnet worksheet features an exercise to identify the poles of magnets based on the force of attraction or repulsion. Direct grade 3 and grade 4 kids to predict if the magnets would attract or repel each other and tick the appropriate term.

Magnets | Attract or Repel?

Observe the pairs of magnets in each set and apply the properties - Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Write if the bar magnets and horseshoe magnets attract or repel each other. Get your hands on two magnets and begin experimenting!

Identify the Magnetic Objects

Explore magnets a little more with this pdf worksheet featuring everyday objects.Grade 2 kids learn " What a magnet sticks to?" and "What magnetic objects are?". The kids are expected to identify and connect the magnet to the objects that it attracts.

Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Materials | Classification

Brainstorm third-grade children to predict which of the objects in the word box are attracted to magnets, then classify the objects as magnetic or non-magnetic, group them and write in the appropriate columns.

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic? | Label

Develop curiosity and encourage 4th grade children to test every object featured here with a magnet. This printable labeling worksheet features images of objects, figure out which of the objects is magnetic and write in the space provided.

Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic Materials | Cut and Paste

Snip the pictures of objects, sort them as magnetic or non-magnetic and glue them in the appropriate columns of the T-chart featured in this worksheet.

Magnetism | Match the following

Follow-up the vocabulary-cum-definition chart with this magnetism-matching worksheet. Review the knowledge of grade 5 and grade 6 children as they read the terminology associated with magnets and correlate it with the correct description.

Magnetism | Fill in the blanks

Add-on to your knowledge with this fill in the blanks worksheet pdf with answers. Read each sentence carefully and supply the missing terms. Recapitulate and track learning of 6th grade and 7th grade students in the process.

Magnetic Attraction Experiment | Objects

Blend learning with fun and watch how kids are fascinated with magnets and play endlessly with them. Let kids predict, test and record if the objects are magnetic or not using this experiment template.

Experiment with Magnets | Coins

Get your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half-dollars ready and let 4th grade and 5th grade children have a blast as they predict which coins are magnetic and which are not. Help them understand the composition of each coin in the process.

Magnetic Experiment | Metals

All metals are not magnetic! This is exactly what students will figure out, employing this printable magnetic experiment worksheet involving metals. First predict, then test and draw conclusions of which metals are magnetic and which are not.

Experiment on Magnetism | Template

The blank template gives you the freedom to test materials of your choice. Make a list of objects, predict if they are magnetic or not and then use a magnet to conclude if your predictions were right or wrong. Get started on an experimenting spree!

Magnetic Attraction

Science is synonymous with countless phenomena that excite eagerness and learning. One such phenomenon is magnetic attraction. Read this passage, and answer questions about relating a textual quote to life and much more.

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