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Holidays and Events | Worksheets and Activities

Celebrate major holidays and special events with our holiday worksheets that encompass a blend of math, literacy and craft activities. Learn more about the occasion by incorporating these themed worksheets on Friendship Day, Back-to-school, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween and many more to be added to the list. Enjoy festive breaks without having to worry about preparing themed worksheets anymore!

List of Holidays & Events Worksheets

Explore Holidays & Events Worksheets in Detail

Friendship Day Worksheets

Make everlasting memories with your friends using these friendship day worksheets. Pair up with your friends in making and exchanging bracelets, search words, connect dots, read bar graphs and pictographs, decode riddles, solve themed word problems and a lot more!

Back-to-school Worksheets

Welcome children with these back-to-school worksheets and make their first day at school a memorable one. Break the ice with self introduction, blend fun and learning with amazing activities and exercises for kindergarten through grade 5.

Labor Day Worksheets

Let's pay a tribute to all the labors by acknowledging and appreciating their efforts. Featured here are amazing activities like making cards, solving mazes, word hunts, puzzles, riddles and word problems with the Labor Day theme.

Columbus Day Worksheets

Commemorate the efforts of the explorer and celebrate Columbus Day with skill enhancing activities like coloring, addition and subtraction activity, decoding multiplication riddles, counting pictures, solving crosswords, skip count to trace your path through the mazes and much more.

Halloween Worksheets

These spooky, scary Halloween worksheets are sure to send shivers down your spine. Describe your Halloween costume using the writing prompts, make plurals, search words, rattle your brains with crosswords and mazes and solve the 'Spooktacular' speed word problems as well.

Veterans Day Worksheets

Commemorate the contributions of brave men and women who serve in the US military using these Veterans Day worksheets, with literacy activities like Veterans Day vocabulary, unscramble sentences, reading comprehension and math activities like plotting ordered pairs, estimating money and more!

Thanksgiving Day Worksheets

Ponder and reflect on the innumerable things you are thankful for. Utilize this combo of math and literacy worksheets featuring Thanksgiving Day vocabulary, recognition of proper and common nouns, identifying the type of sentences, learn symmetry, part-to-part ratios, plug in missing numbers to mention a few.

Christmas Worksheets

Get a dose of holiday cheer with these Christmas themed worksheets for kindergarten through grade four, featuring PDFs on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, plotting line plots, patterns, connecting dots, coloring pictures, picture puzzles, odd, even, prime, composite and ordinal numbers, Christmas vocabulary and word scramble to mention just a few!

New Year Worksheets

Kick-start the year with these New Year worksheets for kindergarten through grade 8; featuring coloring activities, sudoku puzzle, scientific notation riddle, crossword and word search. Make New Year resolutions, tell the time and solve money word problems too!

Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheets

This bundle of themed worksheets on Martin Luther King Jr. are meticulously drafted for children of kindergarten through grade 4. Included here are worksheets to color and math activities like simplifying fractions, adding and subtracting numbers and rounding decimals. Find literacy activities like word search, word puzzles, writing prompts, reading comprehension, timeline and more!

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