End of the Year Worksheets

Celebrate the last week of school with our printable end of the year worksheets for kindergarten through grade 5! While having no more homework and no more racing to school every day would mean reprieve to some, it's the things that they miss - their friends, their teachers, and the exciting games they played at recess … you name it - that would stand out for most. Capture the rich and varied emotions at play over the last school week with our end of the year worksheets pdf. Take autographs from your classmates, write your favorite memories of the year gone by, and much more. Wrap your school year with our free end of the year worksheets!

End of the Year Autographs from Classmates

Autographs are a keepsake kids will treasure for years to come! Watch kindergarten kids transition to a new grade with this autograph worksheet, while remembering all their old friends. Let them fill the stars with autographs from their peers.

Treasuring Memories of This Grade

Down the memory lane? Every day at school is abuzz with excitement and expectation. Some days, though, are more exciting than others. Get kids in grade 3 and grade 4 to write six memories or things of this grade and put them in the treasure chest.

What I Liked about This Year

There was many a great book you read this year! The books had words, magical and worth memorizing, that you spent hours learning and perfecting your grasp of. Write about the outstanding books, words, and movies of this year.

End-of-the-Year Scavenger Hunt

Who is going to summer camp? Who is going on vacation? Ask around and find who is moving to a new house or school and a lot more in this printable end-of-the-year scavenger hunt worksheet for grade 1 and grade 2. Find someone who has a pet, too.

Memories of Your Pals

No matter how much you gripe about your school, you will sorely miss it when you leave! Record memories of your best friend or friends who stood by you during times both happy and not-so-happy in this end of the year writing prompt worksheet.

Last Day at School | Coloring Activity

Relive the school bus memories by completing this last-day-of-school coloring page for the kindergarten and 1st grade. Let us know how fun each ride to school was by coloring the classmates who sat next to you every day you went to school.

End of the Year Awards

Which classmate of yours is an awesome artist? Who is the class comedian whose jokes will make you laugh your heads off? Let 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids elect the math whiz and the splendid speller and write their names in this end of the year award pdf.

Giving Teacher Feedback

Write what blew you away the most about your teacher. Let us know what you learned a lot about from your teacher. That's not all! Tell us what you're going to miss the most about your teacher. Give the teacher 5 stars or 2 thumbs before you go!

Your Favorites Then and Now

How has life changed since this school year started? Has your favorite food remained the same, or have you developed a thing for a new dish? Unwind the clock back to the beginning of the year, and write your answers under "then" and "now".

End-of-the-Year Word Search

"Celebrate" deserves a place in the end-of-the-year vocabulary words. The occasion not only rejoices at the completion of an academic year but also exults at the achievements of the 4th grade and 5th grade child. Find the given words in the word search grid.

End-of-the-Year Gift Tags | Freeze Pop Bouquets

Teachers, the gifts, not necessarily expensive ones, you buy at the end of the year will mean a lot for your children. Attached with a tag that says, "You shone bright this year", the gift will be twice as covetous, and kids will be thankful forever.

End-of-the-Year Gift Tags | Bubbles

Appreciate all the hard work the little scholars put in this year by doling out gifts tagged "You blew me away with your hard work". Not only will the children feel valued, they will be inspired to work as hard for the rest of their lives.

End-of-the-Year Gift Tags | Jigsaw Puzzles

This end of the year gift tag idea, which says, "You were the missing piece of our class puzzle", declares how important each grade 4 and grade 5 child was to the grand scheme of things in the class and how incomplete it would've been had it not been for them.

End-of-the-Year Gift Tags | Chalk

Create a tangible link between you and the children with this printable end-of-the-year gift tag from our end of the year worksheets. A token of your love that tells them that thanks to them the year was amazing! Wish them a great summer!

End-of-the-Year Certificate

Congratulate the child for all of their hard work and wish them well as they graduate into more productive students in the coming year. Make them feel honored with this certificate, dated and signed, that has their names written/printed on it.