Earth Day Worksheets

Each smart green choice that a child makes is one small step toward a cleaner, healthier planet. Raise awareness among kindergarten through grade 5 children, employing the best compilation of Earth Day worksheets and activity pdfs. Make a card, plan a nature walk, complete word challenges, word search and crossword puzzles, write about the 3R's in the writing prompt, sort recyclable and compostable objects, learn a few Earth Day facts, and much more! Grab some of these worksheets for free!

Earth Day | Card

Spread the message of love for the planet with this visually appealing Earth Day card and spark a conversation on how each one of us could do our bit to protect the planet. Inspire kids to go green this 22nd April!

Earth Day Nature Walk

Nature paints the day with beautiful colors! Take the little ones in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 for a nature walk and let them observe and appreciate Nature and look around for the objects and check the boxes if they find them.

Earth Day | Word Challenge

Rearrange the letters multiple times and use the trial-error method to create new words and find out how many 2-letter, 3-letter and 4-letter words you can make using the letters of the words E-A-R-T-H D-A-Y?

Earth Day | Missing Letters

The Earth Day vocabulary words have a few missing letters, practice identifying sounds in isolation to find which letters are missing from the words. Plug them to complete twelve frequently used words in this printable earth day worksheet.

Earth Day | Word Search

Go word hunting this Earth Day! Look for the words vertically and horizontally in the 14 x 14 word search grid pdf and find 10 words. Go that extra mile and familiarize 4th grade and 5th grade kids with the definition of the words too.

Earth Day | Writing Prompt

Encourage children to discuss important facts and provide them with an opportunity to construct their own opinion about conservation and find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle trash and protect their home - Earth!

Recyclable vs Compostable | Cut and Paste Activity

Employ this interesting activity worksheet to reiterate the concept of recycling. Snip the images of objects, sort them as recyclable and compostable and glue them in the appropriate columns of the T-chart.

What can you Recycle? | Sorting

Kids in grade 4 and grade 5 learn to distinguish between what can be recycled and what can't with this printable worksheet. Sort the objects in the word box as recyclable and non-recyclable and write them in the appropriate columns.

Earth Day Crossword

Read the clues, access vocabulary and definitions from memory of frequently used Earth Day terms and fill the crossword grid. This activity has a knock-on effect on learning spellings and boosts memory as well.

Earth Day Facts | Complete the sentences

Brainstorm children to figure out what they know about Earth Day as aprelude to this pdf worksheet. Direct children to read the facts and plug in the appropriate words from the word box to complete each sentence.

Earth Day | Bar Graph

Gathering and organizing data is a key skill and graphing helps kids visualize the data. Let kids color the picture, count the trees, butterflies, sun and flowers and graph the frequency of each using bar graph.

Earth Day | Mystery Picture | Multiplication

How about making an Earth Day poster? Solve the multiplication equationsin this printable color by the code worksheet for grade 3. Map the answers to the color key, color the picture and 'Voila!' your Earth Day poster is done.