Pi Day Worksheets

Did you know that March 14 is a math symbol? Feast on pies and celebrate with the themed Pi Day worksheet printables for middle school children; featuring activities like word search related to Pi Day, decode the pie fraction riddle, find the circumference of the assorted pies, find the area of circles to solve a maze, calculate the diameter, circumference and area of circular objects, complete the 5-in-1 activity, and learn more about Pi using the writing prompt. Kick-start your practice with our free Pi Day worksheets!

Pi Day Word Search

Look horizontally and vertically in the 14x14 International Pi Day word search grid for circle, radius, diameter and other words associated with Pi Day. Enrich the vocabulary and spellings of 6th-grade students in the process.

Circumference of the Pies

Bake a few pies, find their circumference and eat them too! This Pi and circumference worksheet comprises 9 assorted pies with their diameter or radius indicated. Plug in the values to find the circumference.

Area of a Circle | Pi Day Maze

The irrational 'Pi'e-man is looking for his constant pal. Find the area of each circle, choose the correct path and help 'Pi'e-man track his way through the maze and reach his pal in this area of a circle worksheet.

Circular Objects | Diameter, Area and Circumference

Look for five circular objects around you and list them in the template. Find the diameter, area and circumference of the objects and complete the tabular column presented in this middle school worksheet.

Adding Fractions | Pi Day Riddle

Did you know the value of Pi has trillions of digits? Add the shaded parts of each pie, map the answers to the letters and decode the value of the first few digits of Pi in this Pi Day fraction worksheet.

Pi Day Fun Activity Worksheet | 5-in-1 Activity

Color the Pi symbol, hunt for the symbol on the tree, write the value of Pi, represent it as a fraction and also write 4 words beginning with Pi in this interesting 5-in-1, Pi Day activity worksheet for students of grade 7.

Pi Day Writing Prompt

This worksheet is a gift from one math lover to another! Instruct 8th-grade students to do a little research and know the 'What?', 'When?' 'Who?' and 'Why?' of Pi and Pi Day. Also, list out the first 10 digits of Pi.

Circle Worksheets

This March 14th practice with a collection of worksheets on circles. Offered here exercises on area and circumference of a circle, find the arc length, determine the area of a segment and sector and much more.

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