Veterans Day Worksheets

"This nation will remain the land of the free only as long as it is home of the brave." - Elmer Davis. This Veterans Day, let's commemorate and thank the brave, loyal and selfless Veterans. Plan your Veterans Day with these worksheets featuring activities like color the flag, plug in the missing letters, unscramble sentences, write about Veterans Day, plot ordered pairs, estimate money and a lot more! Try our free Veterans Day worksheets to kick-start your practice!

Veterans Day | Color the Flag

Teach the importance of the flag and assist kids in knowing the 'Old Glory' by coloring it. Color the 50 stars and the 13 stripes with appropriate colors and learn the significance of each color.

Veterans Day Vocabulary | Missing letters

Enrich your vocabulary with words related to Veterans Day and practice their spelling. Once familiar with the vocabulary, let kids figure out the missing letters, plug them in and find out the Veterans Day words.

Veterans Day | Jumbled Sentences

Familiarize kids with the basic structure of a sentence. Rearrange each set of words conforming to the grammatical rules to form meaningful sentences with this Veterans-Day-Jumbled-Sentence worksheet.

Ordered pairs - Mystery picture

Plot the coordinate points on the xy-plane and then connect the points to unravel the mystery picture. This ordered pairs worksheet is sure to give the kids an activity blended with fun and learning.

Pie graph - Word problems

The pie chart depicts the percentage of armed personnel in the five branches of the US military. Read the pie-graph and answer the questions that follow, employing this Veterans Day math worksheet.

Veterans Day | Reading Comprehension

Know the essential facts about Veterans Day with our reading comprehension passage. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow and help kids get a vivid picture of Veterans Day.

Estimate and solve the riddle | Veterans Day

A quick estimate while shopping helps save money, doesn't it? Learn to estimate the sum or difference by rounding the amount to the nearest dollar. Map the answers to the letters and solve the riddle as well.

Veterans Day | Writing Prompt

Improve your writing skills with the writing prompt worksheet. Using the question prompts, write about the 'when, why and how' of Veterans Day, and inculcate a sense of respect and appreciation for the Veterans too.