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Independence Day Worksheets | United States

This 4th of July, blare out your love for the country, and let everyone know with how much zeal and zest you would celebrate this day! The fireworks and fervor of Independence Day clubbed with our specially prepared Independence Day worksheets are spot on, as these help you let everyone know that you're not an American by chance. Try doing the Independence Day Quiz and more, to observe the day with heroic splendor! Some of these pdfs are absolutely free of cost.

Independence Day - Alphabetical Order

Start celebrating the 4th of July by rearranging Independence Day words in alphabetical order. The printable worksheet contains ten words abounding with the national spirit; giving them the right order will sure get you going.

Independence Day - Words

Let your children generate as many words as they can from I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E D-A-Y, and surprise you with their variety and spontaneity. Watch them as they try coming up with two-letter, three-letter, four-letter and five-letter words.

Independence Day - Craft

This Independence Day crown craft is designed to engage big time. What kids do is, they cut out the crown and bands, attach the bands to the crown, and join the two ends just to bask in the glory of the newly-born Independence Day crown.

Independence Day - Quiz

Encourage the young bunch of patriots to take this Independence Day quiz, and refresh their knowledge of 4th of July. Each of the five questions explores a distinct feature and represents a unique glory of this fantastic day.

Independence Day - Patriotic Symbols Match

How closely do your kids know their country and the great monuments that are symbolic of the country's birth, growth and prosperity? This Independence Day matching worksheet pdf is just as profound as any other in this collection.

Independence Day - Cut and Glue Activity

Are you craving some cut-and-glue fun, inspired from the Independence Day spirit? We know you sure are! Let the young Americans rejuvenate their love for the country by attempting this cute cut and glue activity!

Independence Day - Word Search

Now, it's time to flash your vocabulary again. This Independence Day word search worksheet has ten popular words of national importance hidden within its mazes. Ask your passionate heroes to unravel the words and shine brighter.

Independence Day - Maze (Skip by 4)

Wrap up the celebration with this perfect blend of fun and learning skip-counting-maze worksheet. Help Little Sam find his hat by skip counting in 4s. Color the path to complete the maze too.

U.S. Symbols and Monuments

Commemorating national symbols and monuments is inevitable to celebrating Independence Day. These printable worksheets, equipped with flashcards, charts, reading comprehension and more, greatly help the process.

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