Mother's Day Worksheets

How true is the quote, "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made Mothers". Offer this expanse to your children to honor and celebrate motherhood, where all love begins and ends. Brimming with a motley of activities to do, these Mother's Day worksheets are a perfect gifting idea for kids of kindergarten through grade 5. So go ahead and do the honors... Try our free Mother's Day worksheets to kick-start your practice!

Mother's Day - Greeting Card

Begin the celebrations of Mother's Day by presenting Mommy with this exquisite greeting card as a beautiful token of your love, for her to cherish always.

Mother's Day - Writing Prompt

Motivate children to express their adoration for their Mom with this thoughtful worksheet while practicing writing skills. Can anything hold them back from plunging into it right away?

Mother's Day Craft Work - Crown for Mom

Print and cut out the crown and the bands templates. Now just attach the bands to the two ends of the crown. Voila! your "Queen Momma" is ready for the coronation.

Mother's Day - Coloring

Say it with colors that cannot be said in any other way." Make your children embellish their love for Mommy with their paint brushes on this worksheet!

Mother's Day - Rebus Story | Identify the Nouns

Grab the chance to make children practice nouns using the endearing context of 'mother and me' moments. It being Mother's Day, doubles the fun!

Mother's Day - Expository Writing

Can there be a more appealing writing opportunity for a child than describing and illustrating their favorite craft for Mother's Day? Engage them in this lovable worksheet.

Mother's Day - Picture Puzzle

Help children puzzle this out to feast their eyes on this adorable "I love you mom" picture. This worksheet is sure to touch a chord!

Mother's Day - Decode Riddle

Let your little ones scratch their brains a bit to decode this riddle about the family. Sounds exciting, Ain't it?

Mother's Day - Poem

Get children to enjoy this Mother's Day special verse, celebrating mother's love. Not only that, but also get them to answer simple questions from the poem, to enable better comprehension.