Halloween Worksheets

Witches, monsters and goblins green, Trick or treat if you are keen, Boo! and Eek! Shout and scream! It's a spooky, scary Halloween! Experience an eerie Halloween with these printable worksheets offering a blend of literacy and math activities like describing Halloween costumes, searching words, writing plural nouns, solving crossword puzzles and mazes. Included here are amazing themed word problems and a lot more! Access our free worksheets with just a single click!

Halloween | Writing prompt worksheet

It's time to get into the spooky spirit and dress up for fun. Get imaginative and creatively draw yourself in your Halloween costume. Use the prompts to describe your Halloween costume as well.

Write the plural nouns

For witches not one, but many are seen; Let's make plurals this Halloween! Read the words and use appropriate grammatical rules to change singular nouns to plurals.

Word search worksheet

How about a word hunt this Halloween? Look vertically and horizontally for words associated with Halloween and circle them. Enrich your spellings and vocabulary in the process.

Unscramble the halloween words

Have fun unscrambling the jumbled letters to unravel the spooky Halloween words in this pdf worksheet. Give kids their Aha! moment as they find the correct words.

Halloween | Crossword

These eerie picture clues are sure to send shivers down your spine, but don't be frightened! Just identify the pictures and write the words in the grids to complete the crossword.

Repeating pattern | Cut and paste activity

A spider, a ghost, what comes next? You decide, 'coz you know best? Snip the picture boxes and paste them in the correct places to continue the pattern and put your reasoning skills to test.

Halloween maze | Rounding decimals

The fiery monster has lost his way. Wondering if you would show him the way? Circle the decimals that round up to 7 to track down the monster's path and help him reach the haunted house.

Division word problems | Halloween theme

Trick-or-Treat this Halloween, but forget not to share your treats! Read the scenario carefully and solve the Halloween themed word problems and hone your division skills.

Speed problems | Halloween theme

Goosebumps, are what you'll get; Read the scenarios we suggest! Calculate speed, time and distance with these 'Spooktacular' word problems pdf, visualizing abandoned mazes, eerie hayrides and more.