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Women's History Month Worksheets

“We stand today united in a belief in beauty, genius, and courage, and that can transform the world.” - Jane Addams. Let's dedicate the entire month of March to the women who have transformed the world. Stretch your child's learning far beyond the classroom with this set of Women's History Worksheets, tailor-made for children of grades K-5; featuring activities like coloring, identifying the famous women in history, matching them with their descriptions, solving crosswords, 'Who am I?' riddles, picture puzzles, writing prompts and a lot more.

Women's Day Coloring

Foster creative intelligence and facilitate expression with this coloring worksheet for the kids of kindergarten and grade 1. Let the imagination and creativity of kids take over; as they color the picture.

Identify the famous women in history

Can you identify these famous women personalities from various walks of life, who made a difference? Label their images with names from the word box to complete this 3rd and 4th grade worksheet.

Match each woman with the description of her achievements.

Do you know what these world-renowned women have accomplished? Identify the women in the pictures and match them with their achievements; in this women's history month worksheet.

Women's History Month | Who am I?

Put on your thinking caps, as it's time for yet another 'Who am I?' riddle. Take up this riddle to find out how well you know these women. Read the clues carefully and name the personality. Get, set and riddle!

Women's History Month | Word search

This worksheet comprises a 14 x 14 grid with hidden vocabulary words associated with women's history month. Hunt words horizontally and vertically and enrich your vocabulary and spelling skills in the process.

Women's History Month | Crossword

Wouldn't it be great to exercise your brain with a crossword activity? Read the clues carefully describing the personalities, identify them and write their names in the crossword grid and familiarize kids with the challenges and pleasures of solving crosswords.

Women's History Month | Writing prompt

Spark ideas and stir up the creativity of fifth-grade students with this writing prompt worksheet. Write about the woman you admire, state the reason and also write about how you would react on meeting her.

Women's History Month | Estimation | Picture Puzzle

The history of women is filled with pioneers, who have broken barriers and progressed in all fields. Estimate the sum, difference, product or quotient and map the answers to the puzzle pieces on the following page, snip and glue them to complete the picture.