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Women's History Month Worksheets

“We stand today united in a belief in beauty, genius, and courage, and that can transform the world.” - Jane Addams. Let's dedicate the entire month of March to the women who have transformed the world. Stretch your child's learning far beyond the classroom with this set of Women's History Worksheets, tailor-made for children of grades K-5; featuring activities like coloring, identifying the famous women in history, matching them with their descriptions, solving crosswords, 'Who am I?' riddles, picture puzzles, writing prompts and a lot more. Explore our free Women's History worksheets for a sneak-peek into what lies in store

Women's Day Coloring

Teach discrimination between sounds with this worksheet for kindergarten and grade 1 kids. Read the picture, recognize the initial sound, color the corresponding letter and complete the word as well.

Identify the famous women in history

This wonderful sensory experience blends coloring and math skills. The kids of grade 1 color the picture and fill in the blank calendar template. Use the calendar to organize and plan your activities for January.

Match each woman with the description of her achievements.

Time passes very slowly when we're waiting for something to happen, isn't it? The time is ticking away and it's almost New year! Read each clock, write the time and calculate "How long before New Year?".

Women's History Month | Who am I?

Mark the turn of the year by trying this New Year crossword. Read the picture clues to fill in the crossword grid with New year vocabulary words. Test spellings of grade 2 and grade 3 kids in the process.

Women's History Month | Word search

Put off your boredom with this word search worksheet for grade 4 and grade 5; featuring a 14 x 14 grid. Hunt the words centered around the New Year theme that are hidden from left to right and top to bottom.

Women's History Month | Crossword

This sudoku picture puzzle is a great brain skill for kindergarten kids to develop. Snip the pictures, narrow down possibilities, rearrange the cutouts following the rule, paste only one copy of the image in a row, column or subgrid.

Women's History Month | Writing prompt

Have you ever made a New Year's Resolution? If you haven't, then quickly make one using this New Year template featuring a few prompts on what you would like to read, learn, or try in the New Year!

Women's History Month | Estimation | Picture Puzzle

Scientific Notations and riddles are a unique combo indeed! This 7th and 8th grade worksheet consists of scientific notations, solve them, map the answers to letters and find out " What Adam told Eve on New Year's Eve!"