Christmas Worksheets

"Our finest gifts we bring, Pa rum pum pum pum, To lay before the King, Pa rum pum pum pum," inspired by the lyrics of The Drummer Boy; We @MW4K have brought our finest collection of printable Christmas worksheets for kids of kindergarten through grade 4 featuring activities like making greeting cards, performing arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, making line plots, connecting dots, coloring pages, unscrambling words and a lot more. Have fun with our free worksheets!

Christmas Picture Dictionary

Prep for Christmas, decorate your homes from wall-to-wall as Santa and his elves are ready with their gifts. Enhance your vocabulary with words related to Christmas using this vibrant picture dictionary.

Connect the Dots | Skip Counting by 1s

Connect the dots while skip counting by 1s to unveil a hidden Christmas symbol. Get creative by coloring it using your imagination.

Unscramble the Christmas Vocabulary

If you intend to make your kids the best spellers, then this activity pdf is for you! Rearrange the letters to reveal the Christmas words. We wish you luck in finding the Christmas words and the Christmas pickle too!

Connect the Dots | Skip Counting by 2s

Practice skip counting by 2s as you connect the dots to reveal a festive image. Add your touch by coloring the Christmas symbol.

Color by number | Christmas tree

This little Christmas tree of ours, lost its colors in the past! Keep the little elves of kindergarten busy with this printable color by number worksheet. Get them to follow the color code and give the tree its colors back.

Connect the Dots | Skip Counting by 3s

Connect the dots in increments of 3s to discover a secret picture. Bring it to life by coloring the Christmas symbol with your unique flair.

Christmas Greeting Card

Try this quick and easy to make Christmas card, an alternate to the regular store-bought cards. Print it, cut it, use your imagination to decorate it, write a note to your loved one and - voila, your card is done!

Connect the Dots | Skip Counting by 4s

Give a mathematical twist to your Christmas celebration, and let kids connect the dots in increments of 4s, unveiling a special image to color with Christmas symbols.

Christmas Ordinal Numbers

The ordinal number pdf worksheet lists a set of pictures related to Christmas such as candles, balloons and cakes. Color the picture in the position or place specified to complete the worksheet.

Connect the Dots | Skip Counting by 5s

In this Christmas worksheet, get kids to skip count by 5s, and connect the dots to uncover a special image. Let their creativity shine as you color the Christmas symbol in your style.

Christmas Counting Worksheet

This counting worksheet for kids encompasses a variety of exercises such as count and write, count and circle and count and compare. Mind you the pictures are countable but not the fun!

Christmas Odd and Even | Cut and Paste

Get ready to receive the gifts as Xmas comes but once a year! Snip the gifts, sort them as odd and even numbers and paste them in the appropriate columns. We wish you have no 'White Elephants' this year!

Christmas Prime and Composite Worksheet

Many kids dream of seeing Santa in the star-filled sky. Spot Santa with his reindeer in this printable 4th grade worksheet and identify the prime and composite stars, color the prime stars yellow and the composite stars green.

Christmas Patterns Worksheet

Good things come in small packages, don't they? This pdf worksheet for 3rd grade kids is packed with a variety of tasks like circle, choose and draw the next picture in the sequence. Use abstract reasoning to predict 'What comes next?'.

Christmas Symmetry Worksheet

The children of grade 4 recognize if an object is symmetrical or not by folding it along the dotted line, they draw the lines of symmetry on Christmas objects, and complete the symmetrical half of the picture as well.

Christmas Number Names | Matching

"I'm a little snowman, Short and round, Made from little snowflakes that fell to the ground". Make one-to-one correspondence between these little snowmen with number names on them to the number on the snowflakes in this worksheet.

Christmas | Picture Addition

"On Christmas, It's the thought that counts". But in this pdf worksheet let's count the objects and write the addition statements. Count candles, cakes, trees and the minty candy canes too.

Christmas | Color by Addition

The gingerbread man is trying to escape again. Make kids add the numbers and color the picture following the color code and help find the gingerbread man.

Christmas Addition Word Problems

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, isn't it? Let's test the knowledge of kids of grade 2, as they read the scenarios in these Christmas word problems and solve them.

Christmas | Color by Subtraction

The Christmas tree and Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer are missing! Subtract the numbers horizontally and vertically, color the picture using the color code to reveal them in this printable worksheet.

Christmas | Picture Subtraction

Conceptualize single-digit subtraction with this pdf picture subtraction worksheet for kids of kindergarten and grade 1. Count and subtract the Christmas symbols and write the subtraction sentence too.

Christmas Subtraction Picture Puzzle

Kids are expected to subtract the 3-digit numbers vertically, map their answers to the puzzle pieces given in the following page, snip and glue them in the correct places to recreate the Christmas picture.

Christmas Multiplication Worksheet

Observe the multiplication model presented in this worksheet and answer the questions that follow. Complete the multiplication equation and solve a real-life word problem too.

Christmas Division Worksheet

This printable Christmas division worksheet consists of a variety of exercises like grouping the objects, writing the division equation and solving a word problem as well.

Christmas Line Plot

The Christmas tree has been trimmed with baubles, bells, gifts and stars. Get kids to show the frequency of these decorative items by counting them and plotting on the line plot.