Father's Day Worksheets

Fathers are so important in children's lives, so much so that Shakespeare once said, "To you your father should be as a god". If Moms are our guardian angels, Dads are our patron saints. Our Father's Day printable worksheets help kids from grade 1 to grade 5 rejuvenate their love for Dad. During the course of these pdf worksheets, kids not only answer questions about their fathers' likes, but they also have fun doing a number of Father's Day activities. We offer some free worksheets too.

Father's Day - Greeting Card

Little bothered that he's getting wet in the rain himself, Dad is busy guarding the child from the rain. The greeting card "Happy Father's Day" is abuzz with Dads' selfless and unconditional love.

Father's Day - Connecting Dots

Call it a cup of glory or your love for Dad crafted leisurely, this "Dad: the best in the world" cup is sheer joy. Kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade skip count in 10's and connect the dots from 10 to 300, and the cup is all ready. A great activity and a greater tribute to your father!

All About My Dad

In the Father's Day printable worksheet "All about my dad!", kids get more personal about their fathers. They let us know what foods and sports they like, what things make them happy and much more.

My Father, My Pride | Writing Prompt

An awful lot has been spoken and written about "My superhero my dad". In "My father, my pride", children in 3rd grade and 4th grade write how swashbuckling their superhero is, and explain what makes them root hard for their hero.

Father's Day - Identifying Things

Blessed are the kids who can tell their fathers' coffee mugs, and bags from those of others at home. In this Father's Day themed worksheet, kids help Ryan find his dad's things. Father's Day picks up steam.

Father's Day - Word Search

Is your dad cool, smart, and strong? We sure know he is, for all dads are. We know there's more to your dad than this. In this cute pdf worksheet, kids search and find ten words representative of their fathers.

Make a Tie for Daddy Dear | Craft

"Daddy's colorful tie" is so cute a worksheet that kids would wish if there was more such fun in store for them elsewhere in the series. They first color the cute shapes, cut the tie out and gift it to their dads.

Father's Day - Reading Comprehension

Explore the love and endearment with which Miguel completes the Father's Day gift. He would go to any extent to make Dad happy. The 5th grade little champs read a cute Father's Day story and answer a few questions.