Labor Day Worksheets

There's time for work, there's time to play, Hip hip hooray! It's Labor Day! Let's honor the spirit of hard work and ingenuity this Labor Day by creating awareness of social interdependence. We offer a blend of creative math and literacy activities like handmade greeting cards, counting pictures, coloring and matching activities, odd and even maze, word problems, word search, crossword puzzle, who am I? riddles and many more, to celebrate the labor day. Gain a free access to some worksheets!

Labor Day Theme | Calendar

Organize your activities and keep track of the events for the month of September with this printable calendar. Mark the important days, birthdays and events in this Labor Day themed calendar.

Creating a Labor Day Greeting Card

What could be more rewarding than a handmade greeting card for your loved ones? Print, cut, and fold along the dotted lines; write a note of gratitude, and mail it to people whose jobs impact your life.

Coloring and Creating a Greeting Card

Unleash your creativity this Labor Day by coloring and creating a greeting card for the special individuals, write a heartfelt message expressing your appreciation for their hard work.

Labor Day | Postcard

Appreciate the work people do for you by sending them a postcard. You don't have to labor hard as we have an exclusive printable Labor Day card. Cut along the dotted lines, glue the sides together, write a "Thank You" note, affix a stamp, write the mailing address and you are done!

Labor Day Theme | Counting Pictures upto 10

Integrate math skills with general knowledge. Assist your little ones in identifying the equipments and tools used by the workers as they count the pictures featured in this visually appealing worksheet pdf.

Match the Community Helpers and the Tools

Repetition is the key to learning! Reinforce the concept of the tools used by community helpers by correlating the workers with the tools they use. Put your reasoning skills to test with these vibrant worksheets.

Odd Number Maze

Stimulate the minds of children with these maze worksheets. Track down the path by coloring the odd numbers to direct the doctor to her stethoscope and assist the cop nab the thief by circling the even numbers.

Even Number Maze

Double the excitement with our Labor Day worksheet! Join in the fun as you circle all the even numbers and assist Ryan the cop in catching the thief.

Labor Day Crossword | Number Names

The unique crossword establishes a one-to-one correspondence between quantity, numerals and names. Count the number of workers and write the appropriate number word in the blocks. Simple, isn't it?

Word Search | Occupations

This literacy activity centered around occupations, helps build vocabulary and improve spellings. Hunt the hidden occupational words and enrich your vocabulary in the process.

Labor Day Riddle | Who am I?

Rattle your brains and achieve your Aha! Moment by solving the brain teasers featured in this pdf worksheet. The clues are based on the traits or characteristics particular to a profession.

Labor Day | Pie Chart

"What do you want to become when you grow up?" - a timeless question, isn't it? Get prompt and unique answers and a sneak peek into the dreams of children. Observe the pie chart and answer the questions based on it.

Labor Day Theme | Word problems

This printable worksheet consist of five word problems associated with Labor Day Sale. Read the scenarios carefully and then apply the appropriate arithmetic operator to solve the problem.